go full circle

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go full circle

To return to the original position, situation, or attitude where things began, especially after a long or circuitous series of changes. After dreaming of a career in politics as a young child, and then spending her college years as a staunch dissident of the government, Carrie has gone full circle and now serves as her state's representative in Congress. At the novel's end, the character's journey goes full circle to the childhood home where everything started to go wrong.
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full circle, come

Also, go full circle. Complete an entire cycle; return to the original position or condition. For example, After a whole year of debate we have come full circle on this issue. Shakespeare may have originated this expression in King Lear (5:3): "The wheel is come full circle." A 20th-century idiom with a similar meaning is what goes around comes around, as in I knew if I helped her now, she would help me later-what goes around comes around.
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come/go full ˈcircle

after a long period of changes, return to the position or situation in which something/you started: The wheel of fashion has come full circle. I was wearing shoes like that thirty years ago.
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The Essence of Madonna's Rebel Heart tour, plus fashion clocks going full circle, reveals that the '80s spirit is back.
Indeed we seem to be going full circle in not so many years, in fact in less than a hundred years the world seems to be repeating the same mistakes.
Going full circle The life-cycle of aluminium is the title of the new publication where Constellium presents three essentials to make infinite recycling a reality.
Now there's a sense of things going full circle as Kate and Adam Henson test their shepherding skills in Scotland.
roosterbraq Going full circle So the BHA has buckled under pressure.
It seems to me that we are going full circle because there was a time when we had Medical Officers of Health with their own departments which included public health inspectors, health visitors and domiciliary midwives and the Medical Officer of Health produced an annual report.
Bono is excited because the band played at the old Lansdowne Road, so coming to perform at the new venue is going full circle.
Do I see the wheel going full circle - over the potholes?
I SOMETIMES wonder whether we are going full circle as far as multi-culturalism is concerned - in fact are we any better than our now much criticised Victorian forebears?
This time around the theme is "Rhythmic Heritage: Going Full Circle," and true to his word, Baba Chuck is presenting slices of the African Diaspora.
Now the fund is going full circle as Donna organises a disco night at Fenham Community Centre in Newcastle.
We are doing something which changes supermarket home shopping, going full circle back up the supply chain.
Going full circle puts advertisers back in control (sort of)
It's more or less my cycle going full circle so I'm happy.
When taking the last exit or going full circle, signal right and approach in the right-hand lane.