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beer goggles

The perception that potential mates are more sexually attractive than one might think when sober, due to intoxication after consumption of alcohol (not necessarily beer). Cheryl always gets beer goggles when she drinks and then brings home some real losers.
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love goggles

The inability to see any flaws in one's beloved. Dana's love goggles keep her from seeing how controlling her girlfriend is.
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the goggle-box

Television, either referring to the object or the medium. Please don't just sit around and loaf in front of the goggle-box all day. The goggle-box is definitely making us all stupider.

goggle at someone or something

to stare at someone or something with bulging eyes. Don't stand there goggling at me! The child stood there and goggled at the newborn lamb.
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beer goggles

n. imaginary lenses (associated with too much beer) worn by someone for whom all persons of the opposite sex look very attractive. (see also male blindness.) See how Willy is looking at that dog? He’s got his beer goggles on!
See also: beer, goggle


and googly-eyed (ˈgɑglæɑɪd and ˈgugliɑɪd)
mod. alcohol intoxicated and staring. Willy was goggle-eyed and couldn’t stand up.
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Glue the paper around the back of the cup, so the ends reach around the front, Stick on the goggly eyes and add a green foam nose and decorate with star stickers.
Depp explains that he shaped the Hatter's unique look of goggly yellow eyes and frizzy orange hair after researching "hatter's disease" - a common health problem for hat makers in the 19th century.
Then, simply hang it on a sunny window Love Bug You will need: Pompom Craft foam Pipe cleaner Gems and heart stickers Double sided tape or glue Goggly eyes Method: Cut a strip of craft foam and punch holes along the length.
Add two goggly eyes and decorate with sticky gems and heart stickers.
Loveworm Bookmark You will need: Strip of card Six small craft foam hearts Large craft foam heart Two tiny craft foam hearts Pipe cleaner Goggly eyes Red pen Heart sticker Glue Method: Stick six of the small hearts in a column overlapping the top of one heart over the point of the heart above.
You will need: One old kitchen roll tube Crepe paper in assorted colours Card Various other craft decorations - goggly eyes, sequins, stick-on eyes, feathers, shiny paper, etc Glue Sticky tape Scissors Method Firstly, cover your tube with a length of crepe paper or a variety of different strips for a more colourful effect.