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beer goggles

The perception that potential mates are more sexually attractive than one might think when sober, due to intoxication after consumption of alcohol (not necessarily beer). Cheryl always gets beer goggles when she drinks and then brings home some real losers.
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love goggles

The inability to see any flaws in one's beloved. Dana's love goggles keep her from seeing how controlling her girlfriend is
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the goggle-box

Television, either referring to the object or the medium. Please don't just sit around and loaf in front of the goggle-box all day. The goggle-box is definitely making us all stupider.

goggle at someone or something

to stare at someone or something with bulging eyes. Don't stand there goggling at me! The child stood there and goggled at the newborn lamb.
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beer goggles

n. imaginary lenses (associated with too much beer) worn by someone for whom all persons of the opposite sex look very attractive. (see also male blindness.) See how Willy is looking at that dog? He’s got his beer goggles on!
See also: beer, goggle


and googly-eyed (ˈgɑglæɑɪd and ˈgugliɑɪd)
mod. alcohol intoxicated and staring. Willy was goggle-eyed and couldn’t stand up.
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Goggles do have some limitations, such as a 40-degree field of view, monochromatic display, and a two-dimensional image, but when compared to the unaided human eye.
The new goggles are worth their weight in gold," Hardy said.
Troops will have one system in sleek goggles or spectacles, with interchangeable lenses for both.
DeRoyal's reusable Protective Goggles and Protective Glasses are optical quality for clarity of vision and offer 99.
All six reported wearing gloves, masks, and boots at all times while working, and three reported wearing goggles.
One instructor remains without goggles to act as the firing range safety officer.
Hemifield goggles were constructed using velcro strips to cover the lateral field of the right eye and the medial field of the left eye.
Swimmers in bright, sunny climates or who have sensitive eyes will appreciate the added protection of metalized or mirrored goggles (4, top right).
As a family activity or among loved ones, playing with Boom Goggles delivers loads of excitement and magic.
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MergeVR Goggles and Handheld Wireless VR Motion Controller Deliver a Complete Virtual Reality Experience on Millions of Android and iOS Smartphones, Available This Year
Osprey Triathlon swimming goggles The budgetfriendly goggles have 180deg vision, 100 per cent UV protection, anti–fog lenses and silicone eye cups and straps.
com)-- An innovative new product designed to provide golfers with an important safety accessory, the Golfers' Sand Trap Goggles, has been developed by Clark Martin of Lake Park, Florida.
Troops currently rely on analog night vision goggles that use image intensifier tubes to amplify existing light, but new digital goggles and cameras are finally making their way into the hands of special operators and pilots.
ANTHONY BARNES tests a new prescription lens system for swimming goggles.