goes without saying

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(It) (just) goes without saying.

Cliché [something] is so obvious that it need not be said. It goes without saying that you are to wear formal clothing to the White House dinner. Of course you must be on time. That goes without saying.
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Fergie, who as scored 13 goals in 10 games, admitted: "It's been a while since I won the Player of the Month, but it goes without saying that if the team aren't playing well, nobody wins personal accolades, so this one is for my team-mates.
It goes without saying (but must be said anyway) that the best method is to simply exceed customer expectations in delivery, quality and customer service.
And it goes without saying that no one wishes to discover such problems indirectly or from a third party.
Although it goes without saying that people shouldn't flush drugs down the toilet or take unnecessary antibiotics, advising readers to use condoms instead of birth control pills is a very poor piece of advice.
It goes without saying that the spin-offs have revolutionised business here and revitalised the centre.
HOWARD SAYS: It goes without saying, that's what we will get, especially when the likes of the other relegation haunted teams come.
It goes without saying that I'm sympathetic because we are in the same game,' said O'Neill yesterday.
It goes without saying, though, that while the rate of return is of primary importance to investors, of secondary interest is the hedge fund's image.
It goes without saying that a program as complex as the current restructuring plan carried out in such a short period of time cannot be conducted without some interruptions.
And it goes without saying that he is far better than any of the possible players that could take over were Iraq's current government to fail.
In terms of his playing career he was a bit before my time, but it goes without saying that he must have been a bit special to have captained such a successful side full of Goodison legends with such strong personalities.
It goes without saying then that his subsequent decision to stand firm and sign a new deal at the Showgrounds was the act of a man who has shown immense loyalty to his club.
It goes without saying that the visitors' bodies intercepted and interfered with the effect of the reflection, becoming integrated, along with the video projection, into the ensemble of the installation.
It goes without saying that the answer may be that the euro is suffering simply from its own sense of newness, a problem that could diminish as time goes by.
So, it goes without saying that one fund's costs probably aren't going to mirror another's.