go with the territory

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go with the territory

To typically accompany a certain situation; to be a usual consequence or related issue. When you're the boss, staying late at the office just goes with the territory. Sleep deprivation goes with the territory of being a new parent.
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go with the territory

If something goes with the territory, it is a normal and necessary part of a situation, so you have to accept it. If you're a world-class footballer, that level of media attention goes with the territory and you have to learn to live with it. Note: You can also say that something comes with the territory. If you're foreign, being misunderstood comes with the territory.
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go (or come) with the territory

be an unavoidable result of a particular situation.
Territory is probably used here in its early 20th-century US sense of ‘the area in which a sales representative or distributor has the right to operate’.
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ˌcome/ˌgo with the ˈterritory

be a normal and accepted part of a particular job, situation, etc: As a doctor, he has to work long hours and some weekends, but that goes with the territory I suppose.
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go with the territory, to

To be a natural and unavoidable accompaniment to or consequence of a particular situation. Also put as to come with the territory, this expression dates from the second half of the 1900s. Originally “territory” referred to a sales district, and the phrase meant traveling salesmen had to put up with whatever difficulties or advantages they found in their assigned region. It soon was applied to other contexts, as in “You may not like the new supervisor but he goes with the territory.” Novelist J. A. Jance used it in Queen of the Night (2010), “It was a neighborhood where living beyond your means went with the territory.”
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Henerty faces selection problems ahead of this afternoon's match, but that almost goes with the territory for the long-serving manager, who has a knack of producing the unexpected whatever the odds.
It goes with the territory, much as groping vicars who pull out all the stops for female organists.
Rita, 22, added she will never complain about press attention because it is something that goes with the territory when you are famous.
It goes with the territory. The best way to deter this type of approach is to be successful.
It goes with the territory. And if they don't want to get up early, then they should get another job.
But Deputy District Judge Ken Goldspring interrupted and said: "That goes with the territory doesn't it?" Jordan, of Woldingham, Surrey, was not in court but admitted speeding on December 10 last year.
But he insists the sort of flak his former international adversary is facing at Sheffield United - and indeed he too to a certain extent at Wolves - just goes with the territory.
"Players who come to Ibrox can struggle to understand the pressure that goes with the territory. It's a huge difference from where they have been."
But then anyone at the top of their profession must accept that stress goes with the territory. Fame and fortune go with the territory too and Keegan revelled in them as he revelled in being England manager.
It goes with the territory. I have a chap in charge of one of my other businesses who is very able and successful, but he is also extremely unpopular.
Then again, when David Sullivan is your club chairman, that goes with the territory.
Being deselected or voted out goes with the territory for those presumptuous enough to be nominated and elected.
It goes with the territory. They will already have an adequate security system in place.
After the Dragon's singer quits, Chris gets the gig - and also the rock 'n' roll lifestyle that goes with the territory.
"And that goes with the territory, you get used to that.