go with the territory

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go with the territory

To typically accompany a certain situation; to be a usual consequence or related issue. When you're the boss, staying late at the office just goes with the territory. Sleep deprivation goes with the territory of being a new parent.
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go with the territory

If something goes with the territory, it is a normal and necessary part of a situation, so you have to accept it. If you're a world-class footballer, that level of media attention goes with the territory and you have to learn to live with it. Note: You can also say that something comes with the territory. If you're foreign, being misunderstood comes with the territory.
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go (or come) with the territory

be an unavoidable result of a particular situation.
Territory is probably used here in its early 20th-century US sense of ‘the area in which a sales representative or distributor has the right to operate’.
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ˌcome/ˌgo with the ˈterritory

be a normal and accepted part of a particular job, situation, etc: As a doctor, he has to work long hours and some weekends, but that goes with the territory I suppose.
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Players who come to Ibrox can struggle to understand the pressure that goes with the territory.
It just goes with the territory, pounding the floor every night,'' said Houston.
But Deputy District Judge Ken Goldspring interrupted and said: "That goes with the territory doesn't it?
Christmas working goes with the territory - just as there were ECHO reporters on duty on both days.
But he insists the sort of flak his former international adversary is facing at Sheffield United - and indeed he too to a certain extent at Wolves - just goes with the territory.
Lossie manager Graham Tatters said: "It's a blow but it goes with the territory with an RAF player.
But then anyone at the top of their profession must accept that stress goes with the territory.
It goes with the territory when you pioneer stuff,'' he says casually about his imitators - but he loves to spin stories.
Then again, when David Sullivan is your club chairman, that goes with the territory.
He said after Wednesday's game: "If you're in the bottom three of any league you're under pressure - that goes with the territory.
That goes with the territory at Charlton and it's something that frustrates the manager.
For seasoned holidaymakers it goes with the territory.
Besides, as coach of St Helens it goes with the territory to want to see Wigan lose.
Unfortunately, being recognised goes with the territory.