go to work

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go to work

1. To go to one's place of employment for a day or shift of work. I'm afraid Sally's already gone to work—can I take a message? My husband is off for the holiday, but I have to go to work.
2. To begin to do something to someone or something. I watched as the seamstress went to work hemming my dress. Mom went to work cleaning and bandaging my scraped knee.
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go to work (on someone or something)

to begin working on someone or something. The masons went to work on repairing the wall. The surgeons went to work on the patient. Come on! Let's go to work!
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go/set to ˈwork (on something)

(also get (down) to ˈwork (on something)) start working on a particular task: I set to work on the car, giving it a good clean.I ought to get to work on that report.
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In "Lola Goes to Work", children ages 1-6 will meet Lola, a little terrier with a big job.
"She's distraught as she has about eight or nine cats and loves them to bits - she goes to work just to feed them.
Like most households, I suspect, when my husband goes to Work (with a capital 'W') that is solely what he does.
I think the point is that he goes to work to make vodka so I can not go to work and drink it.
COURAGE GOES TO WORK: HOW TO BUILD BACKBONES, BOOST PERFORMANCE, AND GET RESULTS tells how to handle people who are comfortable with routine and resist changes.
She then tries on the identities of other mythical characters, such as Echo, Eurydice and Persephone, goes to work in Aphrodite's dress shop, and visits her mother Demeter in an idyllic cottage above the sea.
IS Scarlett Johansson the new Mary I student who goes to work as a nanny
Mette Norgaard's THE UGLY DUCKLING GOES TO WORK: WISDOM FOR THE WORKPLACE FROM THE CLASSIC TALES OF HANS CHRISTIAN ANDERSEN (0814408710, $17.95) uses the fun and colorful lessons gleaned from folk story teller Hans Christian Andersen to provide links between the lessons of his folk stories and the modern workplace.
I really want to go to work because when my mummy goes to work she brings sweeties home for me.
"Your day job is where your body goes to work. Your play job is where your passion goes to work.
A society in which every ambitious environmentalist goes to work for the EPA or a nonprofit would fall apart because there would be no one to help develop non-polluting effluent systems or to argue internally for the limitation of greenhouse gas emissions.
The reduction in SSI payment when a recipient goes to work is proportionate to the amount of earnings.
When Mama Goes to Work is a children's picturebook about growing up with a working mother.
Instead the nonagenarian goes to work for the West Tisbury Grackle a one page broadsheet published by William Botts.
Bruder goes to work for Willis Poore on the Rancho Pasadena growing oranges and begs Linda to join him.