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go to show

To prove, demonstrate, or indicate that something is true. (Used especially in the phrase "just goes to show.") Their success just goes to show that you can't underestimate the power of good marketing. My grandfather's pocket watch still runs perfectly after all these years, which goes to show the level of craftsmanship put into it.
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(It) just goes to show (you) (something).

That incident or story has an important moral or message. Tom: The tax people finally caught up with Henry. Sally: See! It just goes to show. Angry at the young grocery clerk, Sally muttered, "Young people. They expect too much. It just goes to show you how society has broken down."
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go to show

Help to indicate or serve as evidence. For example, His research goes to show that the medication is ineffective. This term was first recorded in 1842.
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it (just/only) goes to ˈshow (that...)

used to say that something is an example of a general truth or principle: He had all his money stolen? It just goes to show you should always lock your desk.
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Which just goes to show, when it comes to body image, women are from Mars, and men are from Krypton.
Just goes to show that great quantities of disposable income make people stupid.
For example, we have four of the six COTS finalists on board, which just goes to show how even companies in heated competition with one another are willing to work together to address common issues.
It just goes to show that when you have a centrally-located, beautifully-designed and meticulously-planned building, buyers will come.
It certainly goes to show that you don't have to be gay to speak intelligently on issues that are relevant to your readers.
It goes to show that depression knows no class or status.
This just goes to show that they should stop whining about their ``diminishing culture'' and face up to the fact that ``their'' country is changing -for the better,in my opinion.
If you go see us, it really goes to show how things like age are really not important.
stated, "This order just goes to show how wide and varied the market is for this product.
It just goes to show that you can be a killer bee all you like, but you still have to respond to the natural scent of your species,'' he says.
It just goes to show that the sports world is still having a terrible time dealing with sexual orientation.
Man, goes to show how all this '80s revival stuff is just the worst.