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go to show

To prove, demonstrate, or indicate that something is true. Used especially in the phrase "just goes to show." Their success just goes to show that you can't underestimate the power of good marketing. My grandfather's pocket watch still runs perfectly after all these years, which goes to show the level of craftsmanship put into it.
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(It) just goes to show (you) (something).

That incident or story has an important moral or message. Tom: The tax people finally caught up with Henry. Sally: See! It just goes to show. Angry at the young grocery clerk, Sally muttered, "Young people. They expect too much. It just goes to show you how society has broken down."
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go to show

Help to indicate or serve as evidence. For example, His research goes to show that the medication is ineffective. This term was first recorded in 1842.
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it (just/only) goes to ˈshow (that...)

used to say that something is an example of a general truth or principle: He had all his money stolen? It just goes to show you should always lock your desk.
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I just hope that the marvellous staging of the London Paralympics goes to show that the disabled - sorry, the less abled-bodied - are more than accomplished to show how magnificent those people who are less than able-bodied can be.
It just goes to show once again that money does not buy happiness, and at the end of the day we all have feelings, and deserve to be treated with dignity and kindness.
In some ways it goes to show that a lot of them were no different than any other bands.
Colin Munro, head of Highland Airways, which received a pounds 1.2million subsidy from the Welsh Assembly Government to run the flights, said: It just goes to show that there truly is a need for the service between the north-west of Wales and Cardiff.
It just goes to show. Bring on your Russian millionaire to buy "the best" from around the world, but when it comes down to it a football club is about heart not money.
It just goes to show that the sports world is still having a terrible time dealing with sexual orientation."
Man, goes to show how all this '80s revival stuff is just the worst.
"It just goes to show that the Scots just can't get enough sex and are not as reserved as they were previously perceived to be."
This just goes to show that they should stop whining about their ``diminishing culture'' and face up to the fact that ``their'' country is changing -for the better,in my opinion.
"It just goes to show you, if a job is done with diligence and dedication, people appreciate the effort."
The success of our appeal goes to show the generosity of South Wales folk, and proves that we really are the tops.
A magazine spokeswoman said: "It all goes to show it's a cruel world for women."