go strong

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go strong

To proceed energetically or successfully. Grandpa is such an inspiration—he's 92 and still going strong with a more active social life than I have! Our marketing campaign is going strong this quarter, so I'm expecting a big bump in sales.
See also: strong

Going strong

functioning well or energetically. We are still well and going strong.
See also: going, strong

going strong

continuing to be healthy, vigorous, or successful. informal
See also: going, strong
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Travel Business Review-April 13, 2011--Life Goes Strong Announces Partnership with Travelzoo(C)2011] ENPublishing - http://www.
Life Goes Strong, a US-based online social site for people in midlife, or baby boomer generation, and operated by Digital Works@NBCU, has announced a partnership with Travelzoo, Inc (NASDAQ: TZOO), a US-based internet travel company.