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He clearly doesn't need an acting career to fall back on after it emerged he's in line for a $10million payoff if his marriage goes pear-shaped.
And when that goes pear-shaped too, trying to stop an independent inquiry until it suits you.
But heroin is getting in the way of their romance and it all goes pear-shaped.
As she snaps away, she catches a glimpse of her dead lover, Yuu, drifts off into a dreamlike state - and it all goes pear-shaped.
And if it all goes pear-shaped for Falkirk boss John Hughes his side can head for Peterhead and Arbroath and take scallops
As Naomi's marriage to a local goes pear-shaped, Kate begins an affair with a fiftysomething diplomat played by Thierry Lhermitte.
And if it all goes pear-shaped - as it very likely will - you can't complain.
SVEN Goran Eriksson is NOT Chelsea's first choice to replace Claudio Ranieri as manager if it all goes pear-shaped at Stamford Bridge.
It all goes pear-shaped when Mason's transporter is shot down over hostile prison wasteland.
Almost inevitably, everything goes pear-shaped and Gromit is forced to bail his hapless partner out of trouble.
So Richard takes the word of this crazy person, hooks up with a French couple, finds the beach and a commune there, steals nice French guy's girl, gets on the wrong side of the beach dwellers, goes mad, lives in the jungle for two minutes, returns to the group, it all goes pear-shaped, and, er, that's it.
Naturally it all goes pear-shaped when his new pals gatecrash his romantic night with his new girl.
IF it all goes pear-shaped for Aston Villa, John Gregory could have a future on the pub-singer circuit.
If everything goes pear-shaped for me, I will just sell that CD