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So, while the nation goes into raptures, let's not forget the children growing up in poverty because of the Government's harsh cuts.
It is hard to think of one privatised outfit in which the public it serves goes into raptures about.
It's probably growing up in West Wales that did it: there is a part of my brain which involuntary goes into raptures when a team wearing red goes over the whitewash.
Scouser, die-hard Liverpool fan and Spice Girl Mel C also gives her thoughts on the soccer prodigy and goes into raptures about his fancy footwork.
It's all very well for Zanussi to talk about the Kitchen of the Future, whetting our appetite with a report that goes into raptures about fridges with built-in calorie counters and computerised cookers that will download recipes from the Internet.
I have a friend who goes into raptures every time a Mulberry handbag is mentioned, even though they are highly impractical for everyday use and she can't afford one anyway.
Football writers go all complimentary, BBC radio commentator Alan Green goes into raptures...