go into free fall

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go into free fall

To experience a sudden, rapid, and uncontrollable decline (e.g., in value, reputation, success, etc.) that continues unabated for an indefinite length of time. The stock market went into free fall after the housing market collapsed. After getting busted by the police last year, John's life has gone into free fall.
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go into freefall

COMMON If the value or level of something goes into freefall, it starts to fall very quickly. A massive £8bn was wiped off values, and the pound went into freefall. Fears are now widespread that shares could go into freefall before Christmas. Note: You can also say that the value or level of something is in freefall. Perot's ratings were in freefall, his election campaign a disaster. Note: You can also say that the value or level of something freefalls. His career seemed about to freefall into oblivion. Note: In parachuting, freefall is the part of the jump before the parachute opens.
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be in/go into ˌfree ˈfall

be falling/start to fall rapidly: Share prices are in free fall in Tokyo this morning.The value of the euro against the dollar went into free fall as soon as the news was announced.
From the moment you jump out of a plane until the moment your parachute opens, you are in free fall.
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When an obese person goes into free fall with the higher weight, his momentum of fall is higher and the impact is higher too.
My mind goes into free fall when I'm among my roses and perennials, which is better than any therapy.
During Tuesday's CEO Outlook: In Search of New Business Models: Fear, Greed and Hope as Traditional Media Goes Into Free Fall, panelist Mark Anderson, CEO of Strategic News Service, said companies like Thomson Reuters and Bloomberg were the "early champions" in the content industry, having understood the "value of value" from the beginning.
Suddenly, with no further protocol, his body goes into free fall.
That's what happens when your stock goes into free fall.
Our first task is to overhaul West Brom and get out of the bottom three and then hope that another team goes into free fall because it would be good for the Midlands if we both survived.
There's an excess of consumer goods to be sold, and if too many remain on the shelf the economy goes into free fall.