go full circle

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go full circle

To return to the original position, situation, or attitude where things began, especially after a long or circuitous series of changes. After dreaming of a career in politics as a young child, and then spending her college years as a staunch dissident of the government, Carrie has gone full circle and now serves as her state's representative in Congress. At the novel's end, the character's journey goes full circle to the childhood home where everything started to go wrong.
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full circle, come

Also, go full circle. Complete an entire cycle; return to the original position or condition. For example, After a whole year of debate we have come full circle on this issue. Shakespeare may have originated this expression in King Lear (5:3): "The wheel is come full circle." A 20th-century idiom with a similar meaning is what goes around comes around, as in I knew if I helped her now, she would help me later-what goes around comes around.
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come/go full ˈcircle

after a long period of changes, return to the position or situation in which something/you started: The wheel of fashion has come full circle. I was wearing shoes like that thirty years ago.
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The training and motivation we provide our employees goes full circle with their loyalty and dedication towards the company,” adds Smith.
The world goes full circle and it is good that we will be able to supply all our customers with the full range of poultry proteins.
The book goes full circle, with Darcy entering the publishing world in the first chapter and gradually finding her way at the end, still months before the actual publication of her first book, and Lizzie returning to the Dallas airport to help the ghost of the only passenger who fought back finally move on into the underworld.
LAMBERT GOES FULL CIRCLE Years Club Apps Gls 1992-97 Liverpool youth Age 10 Age 15 1998-99 Blackpool (Trainee) 3 0 2001-02 Macclesfield (Free) 49 10 2002-05 Stockport Co (PS300,000) 110 19 2005-06 Rochdale (Free) 68 28 2006-07 Bristol Rovers (PS200,000) 155 59 2009-14 Southampton (PS1 m) 235 117 2014- Liverpool (PS4m) 0 0
FIND out how it all began as the Tomb Raider series goes full circle.
The story goes full circle with a lovely episode about baking cakes with the kids.
By looking and demanding from their importers and suppliers that their products have the seal, it goes full circle to put the demand on the producers in Europe to relabel their products if they don't already have the seal to help raise the sales at retail," she says.
In addition, the proposal to rescind the county mandates to provide general assistance - the safety net of last resort for the poor - goes full circle in the elimination of our communal responsibility for the poorest of the poor.
Sven Goran Eriksson goes full circle tonight against Spain, the country that provided his first opposition as England coach on February 28 2001 at Villa Park.
The merger goes full circle too, with the late founder of GW&W, Mr George Williams, having originally been articled to Waldrons in 1897.
And in a way, the partnership goes full circle in the Martell Foxhunters Chase on day one of the Grand National meeting.