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That goes counter to expectations that Iran's exports would start to edge higher after Tehran and six world powers reached their nuclear agreement on July 14, even though the sanctions likely will not be officially relaxed until sometime next year.
If your messaging that is causing controversy goes counter to your brand, then that is a problem.
Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Marziyeh Afkham deplored Obama's remarks, saying, "Part of the US president's remarks contradicts the principles of the international law and goes counter to the spirit of the diplomatic negotiations that necessitate avoiding unconstructive slogans and resorting to threats.
that this whole argument about needing to vindicate your statutory rights goes counter to the analysis in Concepcion," says Liz Kramer, a shareholder at Leonard, Street & Deinard and author of the "Arbitration Nation" blog.
Spend hours looking at art--every kind of art including what goes counter to taste.
Lillikas' candidacy leads to further fragmentation of political forces and goes counter to the goal of pursuing a broad and powerful coalition of forces, he argued, accusing Lillikas of "opportunism".
Even Andre the adventurous aviator cannot follow through with Christine without discussing their plan to run away together with her husband, acting out a chivalric behavior that harkens back to the Middle Ages and goes counter to everything Christine, an Austrian, has lately learned about this "foreign" culture.
Sorenson has the wisdom and courage to go against big business, symbolized by lumber, when it goes counter to the best interests of the public.