go beyond (something)

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go beyond (something)

1. To physically move past a certain point. Kids, don't go beyond the stop sign at the end of the block!
2. To exceed the expectations, requirements, or limits of something. I will award extra credit to anyone who goes beyond the parameters of the assignment with their research. The report concluded that the governor had gone beyond the purview of her office in the way she handled the incident.
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go beyond someone or something

to pass ahead of someone or something. I went beyond the place where I should have turned off. Fred went beyond me a half block before he remembered who I was. Then he came back and said hello.
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go beyond something

1. Lit. to do more of something than the expected amount; to go further with something than was required. You clearly went beyond what was required of you. Sharon went beyond the basic requirements.
2. . Fig. to go past something or some place. We went beyond the town and lost our way. They went beyond the turnoff.
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References in classic literature ?
But did we not say, Thrasymachus, that the unjust goes beyond both his like and unlike?
He goes beyond facts in his scepticism, as they did in their idealism.
government tests by saying it goes beyond its analysis, according to Reuters.
"I mean, when you've got Manchester United fans asking us to bring the cabs to Manchester it goes beyond, we're not enemies, we're rivals.
Globe Business goes beyond the four corners of our offices and we look at how we can contribute to nation building,' said Peter Maquera, Globe Senior Vice President for the Enterprise Group.
Implementation Engineers goes Beyond Consulting℠ in many unique ways to implement sustainable solutions that rapidly enhance business performance.
"It goes beyond politics and policy, it goes beyond ideologies ...
If you think this is covered in an accompanying user's manual, it should be known that this guide goes beyond using controls to showing how every feature relates to the photo process, and includes the basics of stitching for panoramas, noise reduction, setup and shooting styles, and more.
"Essentially the defendant goes beyond what was reasonable is the circumstances of self defence." Judge Peter Bowers adjourned the case until May 9 for a pre-sentence report to be prepared.
The Little Black Book of Violence goes beyond your usual martial arts survey to chart violence in society and how violent crimes are committed.
Bishop Pina had told Catholic News Service, "I want to make clear that I'm not a politician, but this is something that goes beyond politics," (www.catholic.org, Sept.
* Mid-career acquisition professionals (and their supervisors) need training that goes beyond that required for career field certification and looks at senior-level success factors for defense acquisitions.
The memoir goes beyond ideals of materialism, however, to focus on the principles of character, commitment, tenacity and fulfillment of one's responsibility to one's children and community.
Still troubled by his mother's unexplained murder, Greg is a 30-something man with a sound medical career as a pediatric oncologist and an relationship with his office nurse that goes beyond the boundaries of professionalism.
The deal comes with an option to extend the stay if reparation to Brant's Downtown office space goes beyond the beginning of April.