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fairy godmother

1. In children's fairy tales, a woman with magical powers who appears in order to help others in their time of need. Cinderella's fairy godmother helped her get ready for the ball so she could meet Prince Charming.
2. Someone who helps others with their problems, usually providing financial assistance. Thank you so much for helping me with my car repair bill! You are my fairy godmother.
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fairy godmother

A generous benefactor, as in An anonymous fairy godmother donated the money for the new organ. This expression alludes to a stock character in fairy tales such as Cinderella, who gives unexpected and much needed assistance. [Late 1800s]
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a fairy godmother

A fairy godmother is a person, especially a woman, who helps someone a lot. When I began in the business, the woman I regarded as my fairy godmother was Sybil Thorndike. Our country needs a fairy godmother to pay its debts.
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a/your ˌfairy ˈgodmother

a person who helps you unexpectedly when you most need help: You’ll need a fairy godmother to get you out of your present difficulties.The fairy godmother is the magical character in the story of Cinderella who helps Cinderella go to the ball.
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In fact, Cinderella features Walt Disney's best-loved animation - the scene where Cinders is transformed by the Fairy Godmother for the ball (left).
Helena Bonham Carter has a fine old time as Ella's fairy godmother and the rest of the story is familiar.
Nominated for a Golden Globe for her supporting role as the wife of a drug lord in 2000's Traffic, the 45-year-old Swansea-born Oscar winner will now be centre stage in The Godmother, directed by Norwegian Eva Sorhaug.
Sinitta, who was said to be struggling to cope with the news of Cowell expecting a baby, shunned everyone by posting a snap of herself with the tot last month, while announcing her new post as godmother.
These fairy godmothers may not boast any magical powers, but the role they play is nothing short of extraordinary.
Summary: The godmother of missing April is asking people to wear pink ribbons to raise awareness of the five-year-old's disappearance.
SPRINKLE a little fairy godmother magic over your wardrobe today.
But she's put her travel plans on hold after being offered the role of Fairy Godmother in Cinderella, this year's Stiwt Theatre pantomime in Rhosllannerchrugog which starts on December 13.
Many nursery rhyme and fairy tale characters write to Fairy Godmother with their problems, who then comes up with unique and frequently amusing solutions.
I have had the most exciting career imaginable but to be invited to be godmother to the Adonia is something very special," she said.
The Tiger Bay singer will again show her support for the children's charity next month as she becomes godmother to Adonia, the latest addition to the P&O Cruises fleet.
In this latest book from The Fairy Godmother Academy series set in the dreamland Aventurine, we meet Zally.
com)-- Starting August 4th, Fairy Godmother Exec, will be holding a 4 week Franchisee Business Builder Group Workshop via teleconference.
A week before Geoffrey and Rita Haigh tied the knot, he had to get Christened - with his then wife-to-be as his godmother and best man as his godfather.