gobble up

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gobble up

1. To eat something in its entirety very quickly and eagerly. A noun or pronoun can be used between "gobble" and "up." Now that the baby is eating solid food, she just gobbles up anything we put in front of her.
2. To use or deplete something quickly and in its entirety. A noun or pronoun can be used between "gobble" and "up." Developers have gobbled up all of the least expensive homes in our neighborhood, unfortunately.
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gobble someone or something up

to eat someone or something completely and rapidly. The wolf said that he was going to gobble the little girl up. The wolf wanted to gobble up the little pig.
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gobble something up

to use up, buy up, or occupy all of something. The shoppers gobbled all the sale merchandise up in a few hours. They gobbled up everything.
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gobble up

To eat something completely and in haste: We gobbled up our meal and left for the theater. The babysitter grabbed the brownies and gobbled them up.
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Summary: Regulators see need for tougher overview on Big Tech gobbling up promising start-ups
The fact that Instagram is now a behemoth in its own right has woken up regulators to the need to take a tougher line on big tech gobbling up promising start-ups.
The predators had no problem gobbling up the spiky lionfish - in fact they could not seem to get enough and went into a dramatic feeding frenzy.
Summary: A dog based in Afghanistan with the British military is on the mend after gobbling up explosives.
The moon's chemical composition suggests that the impactor formed as close to the sun as Earth did, but another factor made that seem impossible: As Earth was forming, its gravity acted like a vacuum cleaner, gobbling up nearby debris.
In a new trend, young single men and women have been gobbling up available penthouse spaces in downtown Manhattan in recent months.
Mega-broadcasters are gobbling up radio stations nationwide, leaving the unique voice of independent, black-owned radio in serious peril And Michael Powell, the lone black commissioner at the Federal Communications Commission, is making matters worse.
Cotton Incorporated was established in 1968 at a time when inexpensive, synthetic fibers were gobbling up market share in the textiles industry.
The biggest recent merger was Maersk Line's gobbling up of Sea-Land.
Not only are Internet companies gobbling up or merging with television (e.g.
I'm trying to visualize ravenous molecules gobbling up innocent electrons.
30 on the first BE 100s list with sales of $4.5 million, Davis made his mark with a very successful beer distributorship before gobbling up radio stations and setting his sights to even higher ground: buying a professional sports franchise.
Large galaxies such as Andromeda and the Milky Way grow in two ways--by gobbling up smaller galaxies and by snaring clouds of hydrogen gas.
As the concentration of Gotta Bite increased, the fish flew into a feeding frenzy -- champing at the water, gobbling up and spitting out small rocks, and snapping at the glass walls of the aquarium.