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gobble someone or something up

to eat someone or something completely and rapidly. The wolf said that he was going to gobble the little girl up. The wolf wanted to gobble up the little pig.
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gobble something down

to eat something very fast, swallowing large chunks. The dog gobbled the meat down in seconds. The cat gobbled down the sardines.
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gobble something up

to use up, buy up, or occupy all of something. The shoppers gobbled all the sale merchandise up in a few hours. They gobbled up everything.
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gobble down

To eat something completely and in haste, especially by swallowing large amounts at a time: The family gobbled down the peach pie. I was so hungry that when they gave me food, I gobbled it down.
See also: down, gobble

gobble up

To eat something completely and in haste: We gobbled up our meal and left for the theater. The babysitter grabbed the brownies and gobbled them up.
See also: gobble, up
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During the height of mating season, gobbling is spontaneous throughout the day.
He had flown down and commenced to strutting and gobbling in his strut zone.
Williams notes that gobblers prefer to strut in the morning hours, which is when most of the breeding occurs, and this is also the peak gobbling time.
If the torn begins gobbling on his own, it's a sign he is getting anxious and is trying to elicit a response from a potential mate.
Researchers looked at reproduction, population size and density, survival rates, harvest statistics, gobbling activity and turkey movements over the course of 12 years.
After gobbling from high in his roost for 25 minutes, ``Mo'' suddenly went silent, indicating to Wilbanks and Scotton he'd hit the ground sometime soon.
Business users are gobbling up PDAs, multifunction cell phones, and email devices such as BlackBerrys as a way to make them more mobile.
Almost as fast as consumers are gobbling up Chipotle burritos, the designers who redesigned the burrito-maker's Web site are picking up accolades from the Web software industry and the Denver advertising community.
He circled, gobbling furiously, before coming to a halt about 60 yards from Dad and breaking into full strut.
The classic example is the hunter who has a bird gobbling on the roost.
As the concentration of Gotta Bite increased, the fish flew into a feeding frenzy -- champing at the water, gobbling up and spitting out small rocks, and snapping at the glass walls of the aquarium.
channel will broadcast the thunderous gobbling sounds of turkeys as Americans prepare to consume an estimated 45 million turkeys this Thanksgiving season.
The more gobbling that goes on in a given area, the better the chances that other hunters will move in.
But the CPSC said in a statement that it will continue investigating complaints in which parents have reported that the pie-face dolls have started chomping on children's hair after gobbling down meals of ersatz carrots and french fries.