gobble up

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gobble someone or something up

to eat someone or something completely and rapidly. The wolf said that he was going to gobble the little girl up. The wolf wanted to gobble up the little pig.
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gobble something up

to use up, buy up, or occupy all of something. The shoppers gobbled all the sale merchandise up in a few hours. They gobbled up everything.
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gobble up

To eat something completely and in haste: We gobbled up our meal and left for the theater. The babysitter grabbed the brownies and gobbled them up.
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In the company of mammalian paleontologists, a mention of the word "pinniped" can launch a debate that might gobble up an entire evening's conversation.
BUMBLING and bloated, the Los Angeles Unified School District is looking for more real estate to gobble up and more ways to centralize.
When attacked by small predators, both sexes can release softball-sized clouds of light, which attract even larger predators to gobble up the smaller fish.
Clothing and cards are big sellers, but Easter goodies gobble up the most sales.
He has suggested that transit-related projects everywhere shouldn't disproportionately gobble up available money (Public Forum, Feb.