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gobble down

To eat something very quickly and eagerly. A noun or pronoun can be used between "gobble" and "down." Now that the baby is eating solid food, she just gobbles down anything we put in front of her.
See also: down, gobble

gobble up

1. To eat something in its entirety very quickly and eagerly. A noun or pronoun can be used between "gobble" and "up." Now that the baby is eating solid food, she just gobbles up anything we put in front of her.
2. To use or deplete something quickly and in its entirety. A noun or pronoun can be used between "gobble" and "up." Developers have gobbled up all of the least expensive homes in our neighborhood, unfortunately.
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gobble someone or something up

to eat someone or something completely and rapidly. The wolf said that he was going to gobble the little girl up. The wolf wanted to gobble up the little pig.
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gobble something down

to eat something very fast, swallowing large chunks. The dog gobbled the meat down in seconds. The cat gobbled down the sardines.
See also: down, gobble

gobble something up

to use up, buy up, or occupy all of something. The shoppers gobbled all the sale merchandise up in a few hours. They gobbled up everything.
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gobble down

To eat something completely and in haste, especially by swallowing large amounts at a time: The family gobbled down the peach pie. I was so hungry that when they gave me food, I gobbled it down.
See also: down, gobble

gobble up

To eat something completely and in haste: We gobbled up our meal and left for the theater. The babysitter grabbed the brownies and gobbled them up.
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This year's Gobble Doggs scholarship winners are the following:
The second option is to move as tightly into the flock as you think you can without being detected, stake out a gobbler decoy, then gobble. It doesn't often work, but every once in a while, if the gobbler is the dominant torn, he'll come charging in, convinced a strange dude is strutting on his turf.
So you go with your gut, based on the last clue they provided you, hopefully a ringing gobble.
No matter how many times I hear it, the morning's first gobble is always exciting; it makes the pulse pound in my ears.
When Give N' Gobble was created six years ago, the event drew 500 runners and walkers and raised $5,000, which was donated to a local food bank, Sherwood Helping Hands.
“Gobble Gobble Give is an example of what can happen when a community comes together,” said Barry Walker, founder of Gobble Gobble Give and Echo Park resident.
Operation Gobble is reportedly a joint venture between California water companies and state legislators that delivers an estimated 30,000 turkeys to at-risk families throughout the state this Thanksgiving holiday.
Gobble Gobble by author and illustrator Cathryn Falwell presents a factual and beautifully detailed book describing mostly North America's distinctive wild turkeys.
WASHINGTON: The United States will find little relief from its bleak long-term fiscal outlook so long as growing federal health care and retirement programs gobble up more and more of the country's resources, said a new economic report issued Wednesday.
Americans United took issue with Gobble's claims on its blog "The Wall of Separation." Assistant Director of Communications Rob Boston asserted that Gobble has misread American history.
She is well aware of her good fortune and has reasons to be optimistic: Beginning with sales of just US$2,000 a year, hungry Hondurans and foreigners today gobble down $40,000 annually today.
The team reports in the August Environmental Microbiology that several types of methylotroph species gobble up bad breath compounds in the mouths of all the volunteers, regardless of their oral health.
The moles can find and gobble up 10 items of food in just 2.3 seconds.
"If you were real, I'd gobble you up in one tasty bite."