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goad (someone or something) on

1. To physically encourage someone or something to continue moving, as by physical prodding. I had to goad the dogs on when they tried to lie down at the end of our street.
2. To taunt, tease, or otherwise coerce someone into proceeding. My friends tried to goad me on, but I knew I'd had enough to drink for the night.
3. To coax or encourage someone into proceeding. The audience started clapping, in an attempt to goad the frightened kids on.
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goad (someone) into (something)

To taunt, tease, or otherwise coerce someone into taking some action. Billy, don't let your friends goad you into doing anything stupid.
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goad someone into something

to urge or coerce someone into doing something. Don't try to goad me into it. I just won't do it! We goaded Mary into going with us.
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goad someone on

to urge someone onward, possibly with jeers or challenges; to urge someone to continue. (Usually in this order.) The cheering crowd goaded the team on to victory. I goaded Jed on to taking the risk.
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goad into

To induce someone to do something through prodding or threat of embarrassment: I didn't want to steal the candy bar, but the other kids goaded me into it.
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goad on

1. To make someone or something move by prodding or poking: The farmer goaded the cattle on.
2. To urge someone to continue something through prodding or threat of embarrassment: I didn't want to sing any more, but the crowd goaded me on.
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In her interview with NHK, Morales said that she considered as 'unacceptable' and problematic Duterte's statements 'goading people to kill.'
Let's start with the latest goading debate after Kris Boyd threw the fat jibes back in the Aberdeen fans' faces after his goal on Sunday.
It looks as though the goading by the Tories has had the desired effect (for the Tories!) as the Labour party being starved of funds and co-operation from the unions, and rightly so if he is not going to be a credible opponent to the Tories.
ITV said the programme was not aired due to its violent content and a spokeswoman denied there was "any goading".
Ryan Kieran, 23, and Richard Quirk, 21, were sentenced at Coventry Magistrates Court yesterday after goading their dogs to attack the six-month-old cat called Daisy.
A COUNCILLOR was yesterday suspended from his duties for two months for "goading" Cardiff council's Jewish leader by comparing his administration to Nazis.
In an open letter printed in the Daily Mirror, he wrote: "This lady has the blood of two deaths and a maimed PC on her hands, all caused by the lies and goading on the mobile prior to the incident."
His brother said he thought it was an accident." Judge Faulks said: "He regards himself as being partially to blame for goading him and he does not hold it against you."
Dan Cordey, for Keers, said he lost his temper after the victim approached them saying he wanted to fight, goading Keers about the burglary at his house and threatening to stab him.
Victim Dale Robson had brought the weapon to the scene of the tragedy in Longbenton, smashing windows, garden furniture and goading those inside to fight.
The devices they depend on--incommensurate accumulation, an out-of-kilter relationship of part to whole, the goading of a single medium into utterly unpredictable effects--are none of them new, but damn, they work.
Now he could be in trouble for a blatant display of goading aimed at the fans behind the Anfield Road goal after he had scored a penalty to wipe out Everton's 41st-second opener from Olivier Dacourt.
Although Randi Meares as The Matriarch needed greater authority, her goading of Humphrey's scuttling masses suggested the madness of a fuhrer as much as the fury of a mother scorned - the usual interpretation.
LEIGH GRIFFITHS has dismissed claims from Rangers fans that Celtic were guilty of goading them during their recent Old Firm rout.
"His wife had been having an affair and was goading him.