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goad (someone) into (something)

To taunt, tease, or otherwise coerce someone into taking some action. Billy, don't let your friends goad you into doing anything stupid.
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goad (someone or something) on

1. To physically encourage someone or something to continue moving, as by physical prodding. I had to goad the dogs on when they tried to lie down at the end of our street.
2. To taunt, tease, or otherwise coerce someone into proceeding. My friends tried to goad me on, but I knew I'd had enough to drink for the night.
3. To coax or encourage someone into proceeding. The audience started clapping, in an attempt to goad the frightened kids on.
See also: goad, on

goad someone into something

to urge or coerce someone into doing something. Don't try to goad me into it. I just won't do it! We goaded Mary into going with us.
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goad someone on

to urge someone onward, possibly with jeers or challenges; to urge someone to continue. (Usually in this order.) The cheering crowd goaded the team on to victory. I goaded Jed on to taking the risk.
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goad into

To induce someone to do something through prodding or threat of embarrassment: I didn't want to steal the candy bar, but the other kids goaded me into it.
See also: goad

goad on

1. To make someone or something move by prodding or poking: The farmer goaded the cattle on.
2. To urge someone to continue something through prodding or threat of embarrassment: I didn't want to sing any more, but the crowd goaded me on.
See also: goad, on
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Before her current stint, Goad lived in Oakridge before, more than 60 years ago.
IN MY SECTOR, and in most financial service industries in general, there remains a huge pressure from regulation," Goad says.
According to Goad, the message of the dual-brand campaign, which was designed by Paul Roy, creative services director for WeddingBells magazine, and Eva MacNeil, art director, is that Orrefors and Kosta Boda are two brands that are separate yet are part of the same parent company.
I have worked here for a long time and the most compelling explanation is that it is evidence of bias," Goad said.
Ferguson continues to goad the Arsenal chief following their stormy meeting in the Premiership last week but Wenger yesterday insisted he would not be making any counter-statements and said the whole episode was over.
Voracious, calculating, predatory and violent homosexual' William Goad abused young boys over a 40-year period, Plymouth Crown Court heard.
William Goad was a ``voracious, calculating, predatory and violent homosexual paedophile'' who sexually abused young boys over a 30-year period, Plymouth Crown Court was told.
The inmate had been deprived of ninety days of earned goad time credit.
Phillip Goad and Alan Nye, both toxicologists, are the other two principals in the office.
If you goad fans you will get booked, simple as that.
Mal Raper, Brian Thom (31-26), Colin Baldwin, Arnold Goad, Ray Kelly, Geoff Sweet (19-23), Jack Hands, Declan Casey, Ken Padimore, Bob Smith (19-23), Bob Taylor, Ron Davies, Rob Maries, Ian Smith (15-27).
Now the women claim he was a member of a Midland paedophile ring which included Birmingham pervert Arthur Birch, millionaire businessman William Goad - dubbed Britain's worst paedophile - and sex beast Eddie Pratt.