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goad (someone or something) on

1. To physically encourage someone or something to continue moving, as by physical prodding. I had to goad the dogs on when they tried to lie down at the end of our street.
2. To taunt, tease, or otherwise coerce someone into proceeding. My friends tried to goad me on, but I knew I'd had enough to drink for the night.
3. To coax or encourage someone into proceeding. The audience started clapping, in an attempt to goad the frightened kids on.
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goad (someone) into (something)

To taunt, tease, or otherwise coerce someone into taking some action. Billy, don't let your friends goad you into doing anything stupid.
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goad someone into something

to urge or coerce someone into doing something. Don't try to goad me into it. I just won't do it! We goaded Mary into going with us.
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goad someone on

to urge someone onward, possibly with jeers or challenges; to urge someone to continue. (Usually in this order.) The cheering crowd goaded the team on to victory. I goaded Jed on to taking the risk.
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goad into

To induce someone to do something through prodding or threat of embarrassment: I didn't want to steal the candy bar, but the other kids goaded me into it.
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goad on

1. To make someone or something move by prodding or poking: The farmer goaded the cattle on.
2. To urge someone to continue something through prodding or threat of embarrassment: I didn't want to sing any more, but the crowd goaded me on.
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"OKConnected is the story of Oklahoma City, designed as a welcome mat for the city's front door: Will Rogers World Airport," said Goad. "Here, the concept of connection is more than the typical connotation one might have with an airport.
Goad and her friends decided years ago to use it to help young people who are just starting out.
Goad said some students are visibly excited to use a digital note taker that works with a computer or smartphone, rather than a live person to take notes for them.
"He goaded you and you responded resulting in quite nasty injuries."
Goad notes that "for city dwellers there tends to be a longer-hours culture and a lot of socialising after work, but there are certainly many commuters who start work earlier and leave earlier, since their journeys to the central business district on Manhattan Island can last up to two hours.
The new management team will be led by Mr Goad and Steven Banks, finance director.
In a twist on the well-known Nigerian e-mail scam, fraudsters in Costa Rica are charged with using a telephone trick to goad greedy U.S.
In addition, it plans to host live broadcasts, though its morning show's title Goad Morning Gay America was spiked by ABC for copyright infringement.
May 21 Time magazine reports that Helen Zuhars Goad MacDowell faced a heartrending decision.
We applaud Jack O'Dwyer for his dogged practice of the best in independent newsletter journalism--gadfly, relentless investigative reporter, advocate for the highest standards of the industry he covers, and goad to the big media.
"It's also a justifiable goad to the United States to step up and reclaim the role of leader when it comes to human rights."
And it said it has abandoned the park's planned location at Highway 264 and Goad Springs Road.
It is well documented (17 pages of notes), indexed, and contains a goad (16 page) bibliography.
GenBank was actually started by the late physicist Walter Goad of the Los Alamos National Laboratory, who began compiling sequences there in 1979 while initiating efforts to create a national DNA/RNA database.
with a message that translates to our consumer," said Robin Goad, vice president of marketing for Orrefors-Kosta Boda.