follow/go with the crowd

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follow the crowd

to do what everyone else is doing. I am an independent thinker. I could never just follow the crowd. When in doubt, I follow the crowd. At least I don't stand out like a fool.
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follow the crowd

Go along with the majority, do what most others are doing. For example, Make your own decision-don't just follow the crowd.
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follow/go with the ˈcrowd

(often disapproving) do as everyone else does because you have no ideas of your own: Dress in the way you like and try not to follow the crowd. OPPOSITE: lead the way
See also: crowd, follow
References in classic literature ?
Then there was nothing more for him to do but go with the crowd in the morning, and keep in the front row and look eager, and when he failed, go back home, and play with little Kotrina and the baby.
He remembered his last night there: the red foggy darkness, the hungry crowds before the theatres, the hand-organs, the feverish rhythm of the blurred, crowded streets, and the feeling of letting himself go with the crowd.
I like to entertain and when I'm in that rhythm I like to go with the crowd.
People who do not make it a living to earn money from investing will more often than not go with the crowd.
Never one to go with the crowd, Revelation Road - Shelby's most personal record yet - was released in October last year.
She said they had to take a lead; they should not just go with the crowd but must do what was right for their institutions.
He was an independent thinker, and he didn't go with the crowd,'' Weinstein said of Brownlie.