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A man she knew, one of the workmen employed at an adjoining villa, was passing by, and she begged him to come in and go upstairs with her; she feared something had happened to one of her lodgers.
Then the door closed gently and he heard her go upstairs.
But after Lisbeth had been rocking herself and moaning for some minutes, she suddenly paused and said aloud to herself, "I'll go an' see arter Adam, for I canna think where he's gotten; an' I want him to go upstairs wi' me afore it's dark, for the minutes to look at the corpse is like the meltin' snow.
Adam turned round at once and said, "Yes, mother; let us go upstairs.
And now, don't you want to go upstairs and lie down for an hour?
Now, Charles, give me your arm and I shall go upstairs.
His brother went to go upstairs and said Connor had hung himself.
6 Penny Lancaster has been attacked for saying men should leave the cooking to women and, like her hubby Rod, go upstairs and play with their train sets.
One of those who arrived to carry out the work, for which they had no need to go upstairs, was the defendant.
The court heard the couple argued on March 1 when Macdonald, who had been drinking, went to go upstairs to eat a toastie where Miss Jubb had just vacuumed.
I was going to go upstairs to have a look when I was confronted by flames, it all just happened so quickly.
But Shutt used the invitation to go upstairs and rifle the 89-year-old's drawers before stealing his life savings.
Everything that needs to go upstairs can fit in the basket and be taken up at the end of the day.
He told her to go upstairs and said: "One step outside this bedroom and I'll kill you.
The trickster asked the man to go upstairs to flush the toilet and when the thief stole a wallet from a small table at the side of the settee.