go up to

go up to someone or something

to approach someone or something. The temperature will go up to near one hundred today. I went up to her and asked her for a match.
See also: up
References in classic literature ?
At twelve o'clock at night the princess goes to the bathing-house: go up to her and give her a kiss, and she will let you lead her away; but take care you do not suffer her to go and take leave of her father and mother.
They went out presently to go up to the top of the hill, where I used to go; but they being strong, and a good company, nor alone, as I was, used none of my cautions to go up by the ladder, and pulling it up after them, to go up a second stage to the top, but were going round through the grove unwarily, when they were surprised with seeing a light as of fire, a very little way from them, and hearing the voices of men, not of one or two, but of a great number.
The models start at 220VA (ideally suited for 286s, Mac SEs and PC nodes) and go up to 650VA to protect critical workstations and heavily configured PCs or Macs.