go too far

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go too far

to do more than is acceptable. I didn't mind at first, but now you've gone too far. If you go too far, I'll slap you.
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go too far

Exceed some limit, as in I wouldn't go too far with those remarks or they'll turn on you, or If Jane goes too far, she'll be sent to her room. [Second half of 1500s]
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go too ˈfar


go a bit ˈfar

say or do something which is considered too extreme or socially unacceptable: Getting a bit drunk at a party is OK, but arriving completely drunk — that’s really going too far.You’ve gone too far this time, Joanna.
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ZURICH: Swiss banks are worried that new regulations on staff bonuses to limit excessive risk-taking go too far and could put the country's key financial industry at a disadvantage to international peers.
He needs the courage to do the right things as well as the wisdom not to go too far.
The CHP is especially concerned about I-5 because you can't go too far in California without hitting it at some point.
don't go too far to the left or too far to the right,
Churchill's essays are intelligent and polemical and, like the polemics by members of minorities and otherwise-oppressed groups (women, for example), sometimes they go too far but in the process stretch our minds.
Many tenants fear that if they go too far in addressing environmental issues, they will only increase their potential liability.