get the worst of it

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get the worst of it

Also, have the worst of it. Be defeated, experience a disadvantage, or suffer the most harm. For example, In any argument Joe usually gets the worst of it, or If we play the last three games as scheduled, our team is bound to have the worst of it , or The car got the worst of it, and no one was hurt. These phrases survive many older ones (such as go to the worst and come by the worst) in which worst is used in the sense of "defeat," a usage dating from about 1500. Also see get the better (best) of.
See also: get, of, worst

get (or have) the worst of it

be in the least advantageous or successful position; suffer the most.
See also: get, of, worst

get the ˈworst of it


come off ˈworst

be defeated in a fight, etc.; be affected more seriously than other people, etc: The dog had been fighting and had obviously got the worst of it.Small businesses have come off worst in the economic crisis.
See also: get, of, worst
References in classic literature ?
Silver," I said, "I believe you're the best man here, and if things go to the worst, I'll take it kind of you to let the doctor know the way I took it.
I feared that would happen because, as an alcoholic, you always go to the worst case scenario.
Vouchers are for those that don't have money, who live in the worst neighborhoods, go to the worst schools, and can't get away from them.
Her comic book flop Catwoman has seven nominations for the Golden Raspberry Awards, which go to the worst films of the year.