go to the expense of (something)

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go to the expense of (something)

To do something that requires a significant amount of money, especially something unnecessary or done reluctantly. I don't think you should go to the expense of renting a hot air balloon when your girlfriend has said she just wants a quiet Valentine's Day at home.
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go to the expense of something/of doing something


go to a lot of, etc. exˈpense

spend money on something: They went to all the expense of redecorating the house and then they moved.
See also: expense, go, of, something
References in classic literature ?
It rests with you," he proceeded, "when you hear what I have to tell you, to say whether you will go to the expense of sending a man to New York, or not.
It's wasting money," he said, "to go to the expense of taking
Don't think, young man, that we go to the expense of flower of brimstone and molasses, just to purify them; because if you think we carry on the business in that way, you'll find yourself mistaken, and so I tell you plainly.
Whatever weight I may derive from my position as a married girl not wholly devoid of attractions--used, as that position always shall be, to oppose that woman--I will bring to bear, you May depend upon it, on the head and false hair (for I am confident it's not all real, ugly as it is and unlikely as it appears that any One in their Senses would go to the expense of buying it) of Mrs General
Nissan know how good the Sunderland workforce are, they are not going to go to the expense of dropping the Sunderland plant only to spend more money relocating and retraining - it wouldn't make much sense on any economic planet that some people seem to live on.
BH Telecom and m:tel claims that they will not be able to bear the changes, which will go to the expense of profit, while HT Eronet could be faced with serious financial problems.
Unless they are being bankrolled by somebody with financial resources with an axe to grind, I cannot understand why disgruntled supporters continue to attend matches and further contribute to Ashley's wealth and go to the expense of producing 30,000 placards and 100 flags.
In some situations, litigants write off the amount rather than go to the expense of seeking recovery but there are ways a return can be maximised.
We go to the expense of printing and distributing leaflets only to either have our donations stolen, or find that thieves have just held a collection in our name in the same area," said James.
Group spokesman David Buchko said: "The road test programme is closing because BMW doesn't see the need to go to the expense of converting hundreds of models to use a hydrogen engine when there is still no meaningful hydrogen fuelling infrastructure to supply them.
It would be cheaper to provide compensation for the far fewer losses due to foxes than to go to the expense of hunting them.
My view is that we should have an English vote - otherwise we would have to go to the expense of another set of MPs,' he told a BBC Radio Five Live phone-in.
So, basically, a motorist would go to the expense of running a car, driving to the nearest park and ride facility and then paying an extra charge to use public transport?
The SMD was chosen from the Lenze range by Matt Fletcher: "We were asked to design and install a method of increasing and decreasing the speed on this machine without having to replace familiar controls or go to the expense of replacing gearing or the motor.