go to the devil/hell

go to hell

1. rude slang An expression of angry dismissal or contempt. How can you say such an awful thing to me? Go to hell!
2. verb To deteriorate to a state of extreme disorder, corruption, or depravity. The whole department has gone to hell ever since you stepped down as manager.
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go to the devil

1. verb To be in an extremely and increasingly bad or ruinous condition; to be on the inevitable path to utter failure or ruin. Our project went to the devil after our funding was cut. With the way he's running things, the company is going to the devil.
2. verb To fall into moral degradation. It seems like our country is going to the devil! No one has any basic decency anymore.
3. expression An exclamation of anger, annoyance, or exasperation. If you can't be bothered to run our business like a professional, then you can go to the devil, for all I care!
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go to the devil/hell

Go away and don’t come back. These two imperatives date from the Middle Ages, when most of the Western world believed that unrepentant sinners were, after death, condemned to eternal punishment in a place called hell presided over by an evil spirit called the devil. Go to the devil appears in several parts of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, and go to hell in numerous later writings. Also see go to hell in a handbasket.
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