go to (one's) head

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go to (one's) head

1. Of an accomplishment, to cause one to become arrogant. Yeah, you did a good job on that project, but don't let it go to your head.
2. To cause one to feel dizzy or tipsy. If I don't eat something, this drink will go right to my head.
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go to someone's head

1. Fig. [for something, such as fame or success] to make someone conceited. Don't let all this praise go to your head. Too much success will go to her head.
2. Fig. [for alcohol] to affect someone's brain. That last glass of champagne went right to her head. Any kind of liquor goes to my head.
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go to one's head

1. Make one dizzy or drunk, as in Wine always goes to her head. [c. 1900]
2. Make one proud or vain, as in All this money is going to his head. [Early 1900s]
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go to your head

1. If something successful that someone does goes to their head, they start to think that they are better or more intelligent than other people. Ford is definitely not a man to let a little success go to his head. He knows he still has a lot to learn. I think Jenny's promotion went to her head.
2. If alcohol goes to your head, it makes you slightly drunk and perhaps affects your judgment. He was not accustomed to strong liquor and it went to his head.
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go to your head

1 (of alcohol) make you dizzy or slightly drunk. 2 (of success) make you conceited.
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go to your ˈhead

1 (of alcohol) make you feel a bit drunk: I can’t drink more than two pints of beer — it goes straight to my head.
2 (of success, fame, praise, etc.) make you feel too proud of yourself in a way that other people find annoying: Just because you had a small part in a movie, don’t let it go to your head!
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go to one's head, to

To be unduly influenced by praise or success. This expression, which likens the effect of praise to that of alcoholic beverages, dates from the twentieth century. The OED cites its appearance in Agatha Christie’s Ten Little Niggers (published in the United States as And Then There Were None, 1939): “He’s played God Almighty for a good many months. . . . That must go to a man’s head eventually.”
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Man of the moment James Hook today reflected on his heroics against Australia and admitted: 'It won't go to my head.'
I'm not letting it go to my head because I know how quickly it could go the other way."
But there's no point in me getting carried away with it and letting it go to my head," said Leicester's deadly marksman.