go to any, great, etc. lengths

go to any length(s)

To do whatever is necessary (to accomplish or attain something), no matter how extreme. Often used hyperbolically. I will go to any length to get an A in this class, professor—I'll clean your office, wash your car, anything! Go to any lengths you need to, just get me a reservation for this Saturday night!
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go to great lengths (to do something)

To put in a lot of effort, energy, or work to achieve something. We went to great lengths to ensure that this film was historically accurate. I appreciate that the tutor went to great lengths to make sure I understood the assignment
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go to any, great, etc. ˈlengths (to do something)

try very hard (to do something); do whatever is necessary: She went to great lengths to find this book.They were prepared to go to any lengths to help their son.
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