go to

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go to someone or something

to travel to or toward someone or something. We went to her as soon as she called saying she needed us. Are you going to the bank?

go to someone

(about someone or something) to discuss one's problems with someone or something with someone else. I went to the boss about the new secretary. This is a real problem. I'll have to go to the manager.

go to

1. See going to.
2. Also, go toward. Contribute to a result, as in Can you name the bones that go to make the arms and legs? or The director has a good eye for seeing what will go toward an entire scene. [c. 1600]
3. Begin, start, as in By the time she went to call, she'd forgotten what she wanted to say. The related idiom go to it means "get started, get going." P.G. Wodehouse used it in Louder & Funnier (1932): "Stoke up and go to it." [First half of 1700s]
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So it was travel the world or go to summer school to finish a government class.
You never go to an air show to go watch a balloon performance.
Jaccom: I don't disagree with the cooperation, but at the end of the day, if you look at the numbers and you go to class A space in Jersey City, you can make a high $30s deal and with the programs get it down to low $30s.
I say yeah I'm a big boy now because now I go to school and I can write my whole name even my middle name Raashon and I know my address and phone number without nobody telling me and I can cut along the dotted lines sometimes but not all the times.
Once you get the 5701, you can go to Appeals since there is no 30-day letter, and you avoid hot interest.
Photo: (1) ``On Spring break I would like to go swimming, go to church for Easter, and play soft ball,'' says Rita Aragon, 11, of Monlux Elementary School.
It won't happen every time, but whenever you go to Mass, you run the risk of falling into grace.
The turnkey Brand-n-Go(TM) applications pack enables wireless operators to go to market in unprecedented timeframes with intuitive, responsive and personalized applications that create an addictive user experience.
I'd go to his house and I'd skate and I could do those early-grab front-side 540s like that terrible guy would do.
I was led to believe that that is the best place to go to if you were going to buy or rent because--although it was growing--it hadn't grown to the same level as the rest of Manhattan yet.
So we've decided to focus on countries where we can go to market basically the same way we do in the U.
LeTourneau: We're going to see a big change toward just-in-time or point-of-service medical education, if you will, where physicians or caregivers go to the Internet and get the information when they need it.
This winter break I get to go to Disneyland with my teacher Ms.
So where did Barbie(R) doll, who's always in the know on the latest beauty trends, go to get her first pedicure?
You don't know how you're going to fight when you go to war unless you can write down your concept of operations.