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go to (someone or something)

1. verb To visit someone or something. Do you want to go to the mall this afternoon? I'm going to Caitlin's house after school.
2. verb To talk about something, usually something problematic or troubling, with someone. I go to my mom with all my problems. If the salesman won't take your complaints seriously, go to a supervisor.
3. verb To be used toward or included as a component of something, often an outcome or result. I left them $20 to go to the check. Every assignment goes to your grade for the semester, you know.
4. verb To start some task or activity. If you're ready to mow the lawn, don't let me stop you—go to it.
5. adjective Describing one who is known to be helpful or reliable for a certain task or goal. When used as an adjective, the phrase is typically hyphenated. Shannon is my go-to person for event planning, so she will definitely be able to help you find a caterer.
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go to someone or something

to travel to or toward someone or something. We went to her as soon as she called saying she needed us. Are you going to the bank?
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go to someone

(about someone or something) to discuss one's problems with someone or something with someone else. I went to the boss about the new secretary. This is a real problem. I'll have to go to the manager.
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go to

1. See going to.
2. Also, go toward. Contribute to a result, as in Can you name the bones that go to make the arms and legs? or The director has a good eye for seeing what will go toward an entire scene. [c. 1600]
3. Begin, start, as in By the time she went to call, she'd forgotten what she wanted to say. The related idiom go to it means "get started, get going." P.G. Wodehouse used it in Louder & Funnier (1932): "Stoke up and go to it." [First half of 1700s]
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When Al Gore's son gets caught smoking pot at prep school, he doesn't get arrested, he doesn't go to jail, he doesn't even wind up in the newspaper because his daddy makes a few calls.
She can go to the doctor three times a month if she wants to and get a personal relationship with that doctor.
They then believe this case has got to go to Appeals anyway, and say, "We'll load the wagon." I can't believe how many cases we get involved in where that environment has been created.
So it was travel the world or go to summer school to finish a government class.
And unless we go to the expense of putting sensors on it that will allow it to defend itself, then we will be inventing a vulnerable asset that we have to take care and fly at other times than only at night which is the way the current set of stealth aircraft fly.
But to go to the world and convince them that 12% or 14% cash on cash return because you are borrowing at 4%.
We were able to go to that client and close the sale because we had a better understanding of what the client wanted from us and a better understanding of how he was willing to be serviced.
"Granma say you go to church real good every Sunday."
My point is this: What happens to all the people who can't use the vouchers and go to private school?
I can remember many, many times when an American journalist arrives in town and they go to the U.S.
You choose to be treated or not, you choose which ER you're going to go to, you have some choice as to which physician you see.
I told him that if he hired me, I would like to take a little time off to go to a coaching school to improve myself.
Back then there was no question as to whether or not you'd go to Mass.
I want to go to work in a foundry." So, you have to have some attractiveness to the business and then develop people.
Anything above that, they're the ones that have to go to the board.