go to

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go to someone or something

to travel to or toward someone or something. We went to her as soon as she called saying she needed us. Are you going to the bank?

go to someone

(about someone or something) to discuss one's problems with someone or something with someone else. I went to the boss about the new secretary. This is a real problem. I'll have to go to the manager.

go to

1. See going to.
2. Also, go toward. Contribute to a result, as in Can you name the bones that go to make the arms and legs? or The director has a good eye for seeing what will go toward an entire scene. [c. 1600]
3. Begin, start, as in By the time she went to call, she'd forgotten what she wanted to say. The related idiom go to it means "get started, get going." P.G. Wodehouse used it in Louder & Funnier (1932): "Stoke up and go to it." [First half of 1700s]
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I got the opportunity to go to Australia and Hawaii this year.
Anderson: They are not going to go to Midtown and they are not going to go anyplace else in the country, which is enormously important.
I hear people say they don't want to go to Mass because religious people are hypocrites," says the associate pastor.
They were totally behind it, and me being young and just totally psyched on being a skateboarder and getting to go to California I didn't care.
I will tell my mom if I could go to my friend's house and play Barbie.
If you go to an airfield like Bagram in Afghanistan that we're flying from today and you look at that airfield, you'll realize there's no way we could ever put an F-16 in that airfield because it's in such terrible condition, but we need that airfield to fly out of because it's in proximity to the troops we're supporting.
If I could visit any place in the world I wold go to ``Cancun'' I would go to cancon because I like the beaches and it's cool over there.
Fortunately, when we go to war, it's their guys flying their airplane and we can beat them, and that's good.
We know that countries never go to war by themselves.
If I had an extra day I would go to my cousin's house.
On the other day my uncle came and said "Who wants to go to the snow to play.