go (one's) separate ways

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go (one's) separate ways

1. Literally, to go to different places after parting. Once we got back to the first floor, Phil and I went our separate ways to our respective offices.
2. To end a relationship. My boyfriend and I went our separate ways because he wanted to get married, and I didn't.
See also: separate, way

go your separate ways

1 leave in a different direction from someone with whom you have just travelled or spent time. 2 end a romantic, professional, or other relationship.
See also: separate, way

go your separate ˈways

(of two or more people) stop seeing each other socially, because you are living in different places, doing different jobs, etc: After school we went our separate ways.
See also: separate, way
References in classic literature ?
When that won't do, they ha' gowd an' other cash, an' they can say "This for yo' an' that for me," an' they can go their separate ways.
In one wild night, a lot will go down before the sun comes up and these two lifelong friends either have succeeded on their quest or must go their separate ways.
One month before the official filing, the couple released a joint statement about their decision to go their separate ways.
FORMER SSI workers gathered for a final farewell pint last night before they go their separate ways.
BRIAN McFadden has warned One Direction members they might face obscurity when they go their separate ways next year.
Washington, March 30 ( ANI ): Nikki Reed and Paul McDonald have decided to go their separate ways after nearly three years of marriage, according to their rep.
In an age where families often break up and go their separate ways, here we have a mother, her two sons and her daughter trying to work out how to import heroin with all the potential for addiction and misery.
Members have decided to go their separate ways 15 years after their album, Expecting To Fly, knocked Oasis's (What's The Story) Morning Glory?
am has denied claims that the Black Eyed Peas are going to go their separate ways.
They are 5-2 to part next year and 11-4 to go their separate ways any time after 2011.
News reaches Insider that its favourite reality TV boy band, Eton Road (pictured with No Limits winner Hang Thuy Pham), have decided to call it quits and go their separate ways.
Meanwhile, at the Tall Ship, Liam's sick of Eileen hiding their relationship, so he issues her with an ultimatum: either she tells everyone, or they go their separate ways for good.
Now to crown it all, I have just been told the group G4 (I have their albums) have decided to go their separate ways.
But the question of whether the country's French- and Dutch-speaking communities should go their separate ways is a sensitive issue in Belgium.