go steady

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go steady (with someone)

To date someone exclusively. Don't ask Jill out—she's already going steady with Bobby. Are those two really going steady?
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go steady

Date one person exclusively, as in Parents often don't approve of their children's decision to go steady. This usage may be obsolescent. [Slang; c. 1900] Also see go together, def. 2; go with, def. 1.
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go steady

have a regular romantic or sexual relationship with a particular person. informal
1905 Edith Wharton The House of Mirth I thought we were to be married: he'd gone steady with me six months and given me his mother's wedding ring.
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go ˈsteady (with somebody)

(old-fashioned, informal) have somebody as a regular boyfriend or girlfriend: Martin and Ingrid have been going steady for nearly a year.
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Go steady with the stakes, though, as Arsenal are unbeaten in eight and have won their last five games.
Efron, all sleepy eyes and lazy smiles, is a guy whose courtships end when the awkward moment arises of a girl he's been seeing wanting to go steady.
Don't put lanky people in the rear, go steady on the luggage and you have a decent all-rounder.
It wouldn't inconvenience her too much if she were ridden closer to the pace and I would rather see her on the tail of the leader if they go steady early on
Apart from in his three-year-old season, he has usually had a lead, but I told Jamie if they were going to go steady, he might as well go on.
He's not entered in the Arc and we will go steady this year, as the plan is to keep him in training as a four-yearold.
He's had a long time out, so we need to go steady with him and give him a little bit of time.
At one point Chase pulls himself together enough to get a job as an art teacher and go steady with the reliable Julia, but his dependency on Michele gets the better of him.