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When open, it will enable motorists on CR 101 to cross Texas 288 and go south on the highway.
He's a 130-horse in the north, but I know that if we go south and take on one of Martin Pipe's 130-rated horses, he won't see which way it goes
The British Pregnancy Advisory Service said hundreds of Scots were being denied terminations after 12 weeks, forcing them to go south for treatment.
But if the market continues to go south we may see more 'bad news' disclosures," he said.
And while Stinson says the sole proprietorship is an unquestionably simple method of getting started, using it means that the founder places his or her personal assets in jeopardy if things go south.
Using original interviews, secondary works, and the women's unpublished writings, Schultz reconstructs early life experiences, decisions to go south, civil rights movement tasks and roles, and post-movement pursuits.
Go south to SoHo, with its plethora of trendsetting shops and funky food markets many with a distinct New Age, healthy theme - and a whole new consumer can be seen.
A British Columbia man recently found himself before the Federal Court of Canada for following his doctor's advice to go south.
It will go south on Reseda Boulevard, then west on Ventura Boulevard to DeSoto Avenue before turning north and winding through Warner Center.
We could) spend a day in the West Arm part of the region or we could go south to Matthews (Maple Syrup) where the maple syrup may be running, east to Clare Gorge, or we could go to Algonquin.
I'm sure agents are telling the players that things are better in England, that's their job and I respect that, but you wonder if it's really in their best interest to go south for a marginal pay rise.
Go south along Beach Road by river crossing by bridge at Footpath sign to entrance of tunnel under Abergele Road (rather dark) Arriving in the open air again follow stream (south)on paved area for a few yards to Footpath sign showing track up steps and then following east bank of stream southerly.
The luxury coach makes its debut when the Dons go south for tomorrow's SPL game with Kilmarnock.
He said: "They will take on 80 per cent of the workload currently being done by London MPs as well as all their extra Scottish Parliament work, while the MPs who go south will have theirs substantially reduced.