go short

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go short (of something)

To begin to not have enough of something; to begin to have a shortage of something. I've gone short of money this week, so can we go out to dinner next week instead?
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go ˈshort (of something)

not have as much of something as you need: Give the boy some money. I don’t want him to go short.
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Giving the lie to the nation's status as the so-called Land of Song, the diners at Moorland Community Centre in Splott certainly won't go short of their bread on Friday - but are in very real danger of having to go without a stirring rendition of Bread of Heaven.
Professional equipment "When Man United play they mix it up, they go short, they go long."
Lambert added: "I won't go short of bread, let's put it that way.
So with bankers, their outlook sunny, Never go short in the House of Money.
Our compilers reckon it's best to go short about Leeds at Huddersfield as they thrive in big games like local derbies.
Stylists have urged the star - who is up for two top awards at the Los Angeles ceremony - to shun glamorous full-length gowns and go short.
If you don't water them in well or let them go short of water in summer, very small heads will form quickly.
Runner beans must not be allowed to go short of water.
OUR QUEEN AT 90 Sun ITV 8pm The Queen won't go short of birthday celebrations this year.
And he admits he won't go short of some pointers if he runs into any problems in his role in the dugout.
YOU can bet on virtually anything happening in this afternoon's FA Cup final between Everton and Chelsea, but it might pay to go short on goals.
"Kevin's a great player to play with and I link up well with him - if he goes short, I go long and if I go short, he goes long.