go (one's) separate ways

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go (one's) separate ways

1. Literally, to go to different places after parting. Once we got back to the first floor, Phil and I went our separate ways to our respective offices.
2. To end a relationship. My boyfriend and I went our separate ways because he wanted to get married, and I didn't.
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go your separate ways

1 leave in a different direction from someone with whom you have just travelled or spent time. 2 end a romantic, professional, or other relationship.
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go your separate ˈways

(of two or more people) stop seeing each other socially, because you are living in different places, doing different jobs, etc: After school we went our separate ways.
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LESS than a year after a merger which created one of the region's biggest commercial law firms, Mincoff and Jacksons are set to go separate ways. Newcastle-based Mincoff joined with Stockton-based Jacksons last October to form a firm with 21 partners and 160 staff called Mincoff Jacksons.
Obviously, if you have no strong feelings left for him and are set on a split, you must admit that you want to go separate ways before a house-move.
Round and round the wheel spins, Stop for me, our punter prays, The wheel stops, the wheel wins, Pound and punter go separate ways.
TWO JOURNEYS: Elphaba and Glinda start as schoolgirls, and their costumes change radically as they go separate ways. "They are transformed into icons," says Susan Hilferty.
Insiders say it was a mutual decision between Tom Phillips and King that they would go separate ways.
When Ahmir asked her if she wanted to break up with him, Jazz said she doesn't want for them to go separate ways. She then decided that they'll just have a (https://www.ibtimes.com/jazz-jennings-wants-no-commitment-relationship-boyfriend-ahmir-after-bottom-surgery-2775168) "no commitment" relationship for now.
In the joint statement issued to Bombay Times, Arjun, 45, and Mehr, 47, stated that they have mutually taken a decision to go separate ways.
If they go separate ways at some point then we will have to choose which one to follow based on who we think is right," he added.
In 2011, Saad and Bushido declared to go separate ways, whereupon the young artist founded his own label "Halunkenbande".
Both Notre Dame and DBTI also try to go separate ways from a 1-3 tie in the lone Mini division (9-11 age group) match at 10:50 a.m.
When Aniston and Theroux, who got married in August 2015, announced their divorce in February 2018, they maintained that their decision to go separate ways in late 2017 was "mutual."
"While noting that the dialogue for the denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula and the dialogue process between the South and the North cannot go separate ways," Moon's Chief Press Secretary Yoon Young-chan told the media.
But now Ryvita have admitted: "We met her and her agent and decided it's better all round that we go separate ways.