go (one's) separate ways

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go (one's) separate ways

1. To part from someone else's company. Once we got back to the first floor, Phil and I went our separate ways to our respective offices.
2. To end a relationship with someone. My boyfriend and I went our separate ways because he wanted to get married, and I didn't.
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go your separate ways

1 leave in a different direction from someone with whom you have just travelled or spent time. 2 end a romantic, professional, or other relationship.
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go your separate ˈways

(of two or more people) stop seeing each other socially, because you are living in different places, doing different jobs, etc: After school we went our separate ways.
See also: separate, way
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LAST FENCE DRAMA Saludos and Robbie Power go separate ways in yesterday's showpiece
Well, when two brothers disagree and go separate ways does that mean the two are no longer brothers?
near The Upfront Theatre, closed in early January after the owners, Radley Muller and Tina Ducker, decided to go separate ways.
Nicholls could have up to four horses with big chances of landing him a fourth Gold Cup crown in a row at next year's Festival, but the big two of Kauto Star and Denman are set to go separate ways until they meet again at Cheltenham.
LESS than a year after a merger which created one of the region's biggest commercial law firms, Mincoff and Jacksons are set to go separate ways.
Obviously, if you have no strong feelings left for him and are set on a split, you must admit that you want to go separate ways before a house-move.
Round and round the wheel spins, Stop for me, our punter prays, The wheel stops, the wheel wins, Pound and punter go separate ways.
2) The Angels and the Yankees go separate ways Monday - the Yankees home to New York, and the Angels to Game 1 of the ALCS tonight in Chicago against the White Sox.