go on with

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go on with something

 and go on doing something
to continue with something. I can't go on with this. I have to rest. You simply cannot go on behaving like this!
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References in classic literature ?
Take the sacrament, of course, and go on doing your duty; and if that won't serve you, nothing will.
The commonplace nature of what they said produced in Ethan an illusion of long-established intimacy which no outburst of emotion could have given, and he set his imagination adrift on the fiction that they had always spent their evenings thus and would always go on doing so.
The novelty soon wore off, and though she thought she was prepared for drudgery, she found it very tedious to go on doing the same thing day after day.
I SHOULD be your creature to go on doing that, and I won't
And this, I doubt not, they will go on doing to the end of time.