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Crazy Go Nuts tried something different and created a delicious line of walnut butters.
I love the radical streak--Beckett and Joyce and Flann O'Brien were happy to go nuts on the page and be inventive.
So we decided to go nuts and test the new cashews on the block.
I used to go nuts and it affected the image people had of me," Trott told The Cricketer magazine.
He said: "I love scoring goals and if I scored at Spurs I would go nuts.
We already knew the show was going to be in a club, so it would for sure go nuts.
Students are excited about all the college-y stuff they have been looking forward to, especially independence from their parents, new friends, and, yes, the ability to go nuts for a while.
So next time you fancy a snack go for the healthy option, go nuts.
GO NUTS Peanuts, almonds or some sort of nut/trail mix will fill you up with lots of protein and vitamins.
This guy from the commercial would go nuts in today's fast-paced communications world.
Show customers how nuts can be used to make fast and tasty dinners during a weeklong "Meals They'll Go Nuts For" Promotion.
So add a few to your regular diet, but don't go nuts.
I find myself obliged to publicly declare that without trees, I'd go nuts.
People who work there go nuts when they have an appointment in the city.
It's healthier for the industry if they don't go nuts trying to compete with each other in the Yellow Pages," explains Lockerby Taxi owner Kenn Flynn of Sudbury.