go near

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go near (to) someone or something

to approach someone or something. Don't go near Sue. She's got chicken pox. Now, don't go near the water!
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References in classic literature ?
There was even a rumor that the projected railroad from Temperance to Plumville might go near the Randall farm, in which case land would rise in value from nothing-at-all an acre to something at least resembling a price.
If you have to, avoid making political comment and do not go near rallies.
As per media reports, stringent security measures have been put in place at all airports following the recovery of heroin from PIA employees and ban has been imposed on unauthorised employees to go near the planes.
Do not allow any person or animal to go near the broken electricity wires till the arrival of concerned IESCO staff.
The police said the protesters pushed and physically hurt the cops officially stationed there in an effort to go near the embassy walls.
Tracie Stringer, Luke's mother told the inquest: "We were told everybody walked past Luke for a long period of time and nobody would go near him as they would be liable if he was taken to hospital.
As for the balconies, you don't need to go near them because the shops are on the other side of the walkways.
Everyone in the village was afraid to go near the car as they suspected a crime.
He said saboteurs continued to place such devices on major highways and warned the public not to go near suspicious objects.
She's petrified to go near a bridge and she won't go near water.
Our units are coordinating with the crew of one of the three fishing boats [that the ill-fated fishermen used to go near Sibago Island where they were attacked on Monday morning]," said Colonel Cenabre, adding the men were ten nautical miles (18.
State: It is important that you are in the right emotional state before you go near your horse, as it's your state of mind that sets the scene for the day's riding.
Plunging prices, a desperate shortage of mortgage money, and fewer buyers willing and able to go anywhere near the asking price, means most of us will only go near the housing market if we have to.
I feel sick every time I go near work and have lost my motivation.