go near

go near (someone or something)

To approach someone or something. Often used in the negative as a warning for one to avoid someone or something. You kids better not go near those cookies I made for the bake sale! Please don't go near the baby if you're sick.
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go near (to) someone or something

to approach someone or something. Don't go near Sue. She's got chicken pox. Now, don't go near the water!
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References in classic literature ?
There was even a rumor that the projected railroad from Temperance to Plumville might go near the Randall farm, in which case land would rise in value from nothing-at-all an acre to something at least resembling a price.
Two million people have indicated they will attend, but the US Air Force has warned people not to go near the base.
Authorities have urged people not to go near the swollen river.
Do not allow any person or animal to go near the broken electricity wires till the arrival of concerned IESCO staff.
We were warned by our parents never go near a mosque or anywhere close to a Shia mausoleum because Shiite clerics had their own rules and laws that contradict Persian laws and values.
President Rodrigo Duterte, a self-confessed womanizer, said that priests will court ladies if they go near them as part of the nature of being a man.
The 40-year-old said: "It was as though she had literally sniffed it out and was refused to go near it.
If you have to, avoid making political comment and do not go near rallies."
A STALKER who travelled more than 500 miles to pester a famous DJ has been ordered not to go near him or his wife for five years.
As per media reports, stringent security measures have been put in place at all airports following the recovery of heroin from PIA employees and ban has been imposed on unauthorised employees to go near the planes.
Tracie Stringer, Luke's mother told the inquest: "We were told everybody walked past Luke for a long period of time and nobody would go near him as they would be liable if he was taken to hospital."
Magistrates made a two year restraining order under which he is not to approach the victims or go near Elm Drive.
As for the balconies, you don't need to go near them because the shops are on the other side of the walkways.
"Everyone in the village was afraid to go near the car as they suspected a crime.