go near

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go near (to) someone or something

to approach someone or something. Don't go near Sue. She's got chicken pox. Now, don't go near the water!
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This was the first time they were able to go near the embassy walls.
Lt Col Al Zabi warned the public not to go near any suspicious objects, some of which may have to be defused by bomb disposal robots, and immediately call 999.
But a conflicting report said only 15 fishermen had been killed, based on statements of fishermen who said they found seven, five, and three bodies from three boats the fishermen used to go near Sibago Island, said Chief Superintendent Beinvenido Latag, police director of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao.
Plunging prices, a desperate shortage of mortgage money, and fewer buyers willing and able to go anywhere near the asking price, means most of us will only go near the housing market if we have to.
I feel sick every time I go near work and have lost my motivation.
Fifty-one-year-old Roger Bartell of Cedar Key, Florida, had a history of violence, and he was stalking a woman acquaintance the courts had forbidden him to go near because of past incidents of repeated violence.
After the abuse became known), no one wanted to go near there, so I went there and did a prayer service and reclaimed the place," he said.
Peter Exley, a spokesman for the Exeter branch of the RSPB, said it was rare for a rook to go near a human.
n Never go near a firework that has been lit Never put fireworks in your pocket or throw them.
When we heard for definite that he hit the wee lad, no one would go near or wanted to go near the dirty big brute.
British soldiers in Iraq are being warned not to go near dead dogs because terrorists are using them to hide bombs.
The eagle does not care for the transformation and vows to never go near the woman again.
A MAN was left so disfigured after an attack that his daughter was too scared to go near him, a court heard yesterday.
Among my personal favorites were the lifeguards of Coney Island in the thirties, documented by Robert Caro: Some were grossly overweight, some spent their days fishing from the lifesaving dories, and some were afraid to go near the water because they couldn't swim.
The brownies, chocolate mousse, and three chocolate cakes tasted fine, but don't go near the Strawberry Cheesecake or the Black Forest Cake unless you're looking for a gelatinous blob with some artificial-looking red goop floating on top.