go like hot cakes

go like hot cakes

To sell very quickly. We had to order a second shipment of shirts because they have just been going like hot cakes!
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like hot cakes, go

Also, sell like hot cakes. Be a great commercial success, as in I'm sure this new line of coats will go like hot cakes, or She was thrilled that her new book was selling like hot cakes. This term alludes to hot cakes, another name for griddle cakes or pancakes, which are so popular at church sales, food fairs, and similar events that they tend to sell as quickly as they are cooked. [Mid-1800s]
See also: go, hot, like

sell/go like ˈhot cakes

(informal) be sold quickly in great quantities: The band’s latest record is selling like hot cakes.
See also: cake, go, hot, like, sell
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ESTATE agents are hoping their baked goodies, not just their properties, go like hot cakes next week for a charity coffee morning.
``They go like hot cakes,'' she said, as the smell of rosemary lamb began to waft through the busy kitchen.