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But I'm not going to give Maggie any more o' my Indy muslin and things, if she's to go into service again, when she might stay and keep me company, and do my sewing for me, if she wasn't wanted at her brother's."
Determined to help in the struggle to clear the homestead from debt, they had no alternative but to go into service. Some of them, after they came to town, remained as serious and as discreet in behaviour as they had been when they ploughed and herded on their father's farm.
"If you want me to earn my own living, mother, I can always go into service."
The new trains are scheduled to go into service early next year following comprehensive testing and commissioning.
METRO bus service leading to the airport will also go into service from the same date.
THE first of Merseyrail's new-look trains will go into service on Monday after an PS8.5m makeover.
The first of the 20-strong fleet will go into service during 2014 and will enable regional transport authority Centro to increase the system's frequency to ten trams an hour - an increase in capacity of 40 per cent.
Turkish State Minister Zafer Caglayan laid the foundation of the Rostov wholesales market on July 27, 2010 which will go into service in June 2011.
The machines will also go into service at two other specialist NHS cancer centres in Edinburgh and Manchester.
A fleet of allelectric C30 models will go into service in 2011 to appraise the new generation of batteries that is said to give the C30 a range wwwof 150kms.
Phase one will consist of nearly 1 Bcf/d and the remaining capacity in phase two will go into service next summer.
Although the aircraft will not go into service until 2008, the first three years of production are sold out, and Boeing and its partners will invest $8 billion to develop the plane, analysts say.
Springwell Precision Engineering has been recruited to provide the sighting systems brackets for the Next Generation Light Anti Armour Weapon (NLAW;) a pounds 400m shoulder-mounted missile launcher which will go into service in Britain in 2006.
Concorde G-BOAA was the first to go into service with BA.
The country's first zeroemission buses will go into service in London today as part of a 'pioneering' European project to reduce air pollution and noise.