go into freefall

go into free fall

To experience a sudden, rapid, and uncontrollable decline (e.g., in value, reputation, success, etc.) that continues unabated for an indefinite length of time. The stock market went into free fall after the housing market collapsed. After getting busted by the police last year, John's life has gone into free fall.
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go into freefall

COMMON If the value or level of something goes into freefall, it starts to fall very quickly. A massive £8bn was wiped off values, and the pound went into freefall. Fears are now widespread that shares could go into freefall before Christmas. Note: You can also say that the value or level of something is in freefall. Perot's ratings were in freefall, his election campaign a disaster. Note: You can also say that the value or level of something freefalls. His career seemed about to freefall into oblivion. Note: In parachuting, freefall is the part of the jump before the parachute opens.
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be in/go into ˌfree ˈfall

be falling/start to fall rapidly: Share prices are in free fall in Tokyo this morning.The value of the euro against the dollar went into free fall as soon as the news was announced.
From the moment you jump out of a plane until the moment your parachute opens, you are in free fall.
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"Blackburn could go into freefall. There's a better chance of them going down to League Two than bouncing straight back up."
It certainly did not go into freefall as envisaged by the pessimists and neither will our trade with the rest of the world suffer if we left the EU.
Oil is now at $30.41 (PS21.07) a barrel, but Standard Chartered said it would go into freefall until it hit $10, an 18-year low.
So start looking now and get ready to pounce in December when the first flakes hit the tarmac and values go into freefall.
ONE win in eight Zamaretto Premier Division outings has seen Leamington go into freefall but manager Paul Holleran is nothing but confident he has the quality within his squad to get results back on track.
Hull came close to pulling off another amazing away win in last week's 2-2 draw at Anfield, which was still further evidence that they aren't about to go into freefall. Nonetheless, points haven't come as easily at home and they were lucky to beat Middlesbrough, so they don't make any appeal at 23-20.
"It has been a bit up and down because in my first year, we were doing really well in League One up until Christmas only for the season to go into freefall.
Marchetta's fortunes go into freefall when a TV report claims the company's top-selling beauty cream disfigured one woman.
Marchetta's fortunes go into freefall when investigative TV reporter Ned Nakamora airs a story claiming that the company's top-selling beauty cream, Everdew, disfigured one woman who used it.
If Everton remain as one dimensional as they currently are, it won't take long for the whole Premiership to get wise to us and we could go into freefall.
CHRIS RAMSEY fears QPR could go into freefall after relegation from the Premier League.
After dominating the opening two races McLaren's season threatens to go into freefall. Having dominated this race for years setting pole three times in four visits, and winning twice, the 2008 champion had been hoping for more.
Unemployment hasn't been quite so bad as expected and the housing market has generally defied the pessimistic predictions that it would go into freefall and repossessions have been muted thanks to lower interest rates.
Marchetta's fortunes go into freefall when an investigative TV reporter airs a story claiming the company's top-selling beauty cream has nasty side effects.