go into free fall

go into free fall

To experience a sudden, rapid, and uncontrollable decline (e.g., in value, reputation, success, etc.) that continues unabated for an indefinite length of time. The stock market went into free fall after the housing market collapsed. After getting busted by the police last year, John's life has gone into free fall.
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go into freefall

COMMON If the value or level of something goes into freefall, it starts to fall very quickly. A massive £8bn was wiped off values, and the pound went into freefall. Fears are now widespread that shares could go into freefall before Christmas. Note: You can also say that the value or level of something is in freefall. Perot's ratings were in freefall, his election campaign a disaster. Note: You can also say that the value or level of something freefalls. His career seemed about to freefall into oblivion. Note: In parachuting, freefall is the part of the jump before the parachute opens.
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be in/go into ˌfree ˈfall

be falling/start to fall rapidly: Share prices are in free fall in Tokyo this morning.The value of the euro against the dollar went into free fall as soon as the news was announced.
From the moment you jump out of a plane until the moment your parachute opens, you are in free fall.
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If the market was to go into free fall, the fund would step in to buy and stabilise it.' The investment sense of the management company would be of great essence.
Once in orbit, these "test masses" were unclamped and allowed to go into free fall while a high-resolution laser interferometer measured their positions.
Perhaps the irony is not lost that with India's finance minister Pranab Mukherjee having resigned from his post yesterday to campaign for the more lofty and ceremonial office of President of India, the Indian markets, especially the rupee, continue to go into free fall.
When state budgets go into free fall, states and localities slash services that people need and appreciate.
The ire of many seniors will be even greater once they realize that for many of them the donut hole is really an abyss in which their out-of-pocket expenses go into free fall.
When Carol said she would not let any of the programme's interior designers touch her own house in Glasgow, you could almost hear her luvvie- shares go into free fall.
However, Ms Williams does not predict that the market is about to go into free fall, although the level of debt some people are incurring remains a problem.
Sophia Swire is never likely to forget that Friday in October 1987 when stock markets began to go into free fall. It was just before Black Monday.
Next, which saw its shares go into free fall in March after it issued its first profit warning in years, was a star performer, as the City continued to respond positively to a trading statement which suggested the retailer was on the mend.
"We just have to hope the teams above us go into free fall and we can capitalise.
Any agent, publisher or accountant would go into free fall at the very sight of them."
He said: "You can go into free fall very quickly, as we found out last year when we went through a spell of 11 games without a win.
Being deceived makes our self-esteem go into free fall and we feel no one can be trusted, even if that's not true.
However a dark day on January 13, 1990, saw his career as a jockey go into free fall. "I was riding Monanore for Nigel Tinkler at Newcastle when I fell and broke my thigh bone, punctured my lung, had a number of broken ribs and fractured my shoulder.