go into detail

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go into detail(s)

To present, explain, or discuss every aspect of something. I don't want to go into details, but there were a few legal issues that prevented us from participating. I don’t think your essay goes into detail enough about how the three books relate to one another.
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go into detail(s)

to give all the details; to present and discuss the details. The clerk went into detail about the product with the customer. I just want a simple answer. Don't go into details.
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go into ˈdetail(s)

explain something fully: I can’t go into details now; it would take too long.
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It will also go into detail examining rheological behaviors, the profiles of some commercially successful products, and some hands-on discovery.
Chapters go into detail on how to create simple and not-so-simple stripes in knitting, balancing two colors, creating panels, pictures and plaids, fixing common mistakes, and more.
military before the two countries go into detail about which functions are moved where, according to Matsuzawa.
Martinez refused to go into detail about the incident.
Though DCX officials refuse to go into detail, they say a second new facility and new Jeep vehicles are on the horizon.
The book unfortunately does not go into detail about the conditions for setting up such a monitoring program, which should be implemented in addition to the monitoring of low birth weight.
Each section must go into detail on many subtopics, from staff responsibilities to your customer service provisions.
And while not wishing to go into detail about what age and gravitational pull does to a woman's bum, suffice to say it is not something that should be advertised in tight leather trousers.
While the spokesman did not go into detail about the type of missiles to be tested, Pakistan's media have been speculating about the possibility of test of Shaheen-3, a medium-range missile capable of flying up to 3,500 kilometers.
Little did I know that I would not be able to enter this year's Damn Am contest due to some more parole violations, which I can't really go into detail about.
Yet surprisingly, he doesn't go into detail about how the superpara-magnetic effect has been overcome so far.
She mentions but does not go into detail about the sixth play, Seven Guitars.
The new paper does not go into detail on all the proposed measures but attempts to clarify the overall approach, while showing how the regulatory provisions integrate into a global control strategy involving greater transparency, cooperation between the Member States, awareness of monitoring and control issues, and using new technology to help control the situation.
The statements go into detail about the requirements of CPAs in different areas of accounting.