go hog-wild

go hog wild

To behave in an uncontrolled manner, often due to excitement. The crowd had been cheering, but they really went hog wild once the lead singer took the stage. Your students will go hog wild if you never discipline them.
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go ˈhog-wild

(American English, informal) behave in an uncontrolled or excited manner: Just because your Mom and Dad aren’t here it’s no reason to go hog-wild.
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"Nocturnal Animals" is a suspenseful and intoxicating movie--a thriller that isn't scared to go hog-wild with violence, to dig into primal fear and rage, even as it's constructed around a melancholy love story that circles back on itself in tricky and surprising ways.
Should I go hog-wild and replace my shower stall with a nice deep tub?
That's why American Express (www.americanexpress.com) and Visa International (www.visa.com) go hog-wild when it comes to signing up students who'll do anything for a free T-shirt.
But Ronald Bohn, an anatomist at George Washington University Medical Center in Washington, D.C., says he doesn't expect others to go hog-wild over the proposed terms.
You'll go hog-wild for its mixture of enticing fruits - including lemon - which adds a spark of flavour to any summer action.