go halves

go halves

To share the cost of something equally between two people. We each had about the same amount to eat and drink, so let's go halves on the bill. I'm pretty broke, but I'll go halves with you on a bottle of wine.
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go halves

Also, go fifty-fifty. Share equally. For example, Ann suggested that they go halves on the rent, or The brothers are going fifty-fifty in their new business. The first term dates from the late 1600s, the variant from the early 1900s.
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go halves (or shares)

share something equally.
See also: halves

go ˈhalves (with somebody)


go ˌhalf and ˈhalf (with somebody)

(informal) share the total cost of something equally with somebody else: If you drive me up to Edinburgh, we’ll go halves on the petrol.
See also: halves
References in classic literature ?
I wouldn't go halves in the toffee and gingerbread on purpose to save the money; and Gibson and Spouncer fought with me because I wouldn't.
I wasn't going to go halves because anybody leathered me.
Didn't I think about your fish-line all this quarter, and mean to buy it, and saved my money o' purpose, and wouldn't go halves in the toffee, and Spouncer fought me because I wouldn't?
Come and get a nice dish to put it in," said Fan, when Polly proposed to go halves with Tom, lest he should come bursting in somehow, and seize the whole.
I've got heaps of lovely things upstairs, and I'll show them all to you, and I'd go halves, only auntie thinks they wouldn't be useful, so I shall give you something else; and you won't mind, will you?
We offered to go halves on replacing it, but he blankly refused.
TORQUAY 1 SHREWSBURY 0 LEAGUE TWO TORQUAY duo Taiwo Atieno and Mark Ellis have been told they can go halves on the goal that sunk the Shrews.
EMMERDALE and Corrie should go halves on court and prison sets, because they've both got characters sent down this week.
The pair had a pact that if one of them won the grand then they would go halves.
I said if I do well during the summer, I'd go halves with her.