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I wouldn't go halves in the toffee and gingerbread on purpose to save the money; and Gibson and Spouncer fought with me because I wouldn't.
I wasn't going to go halves because anybody leathered me.
Didn't I think about your fish-line all this quarter, and mean to buy it, and saved my money o' purpose, and wouldn't go halves in the toffee, and Spouncer fought me because I wouldn't?
He was bemoaning himself this morning because he could not get someone to go halves with him in some nice rooms which he had found, and which were too much for his purse.
My friend here wants to take diggings, and as you were complaining that you could get no one to go halves with you, I thought that I had better bring you together.
Nonetheless she insisted that I ought to go halves with her in the day's winnings, and offered me 800 gulden on condition that henceforth, I gambled only on those terms; but I refused to do so, once and for all--stating, as my reason, that I found myself unable to play on behalf of any one else, "I am not unwilling so to do," I added, "but in all probability I should lose.
I've got heaps of lovely things upstairs, and I'll show them all to you, and I'd go halves, only auntie thinks they wouldn't be useful, so I shall give you something else; and you won't mind, will you?
I want to go halves on his next venture up to PS500.
We offered to go halves on replacing it, but he blankly refused.
EMMERDALE and Corrie should go halves on court and prison sets, because they've both got characters sent down this week.
TORQUAY 1 SHREWSBURY 0 LEAGUE TWO TORQUAY duo Taiwo Atieno and Mark Ellis have been told they can go halves on the goal that sunk the Shrews.
The pair had a pact that if one of them won the grand then they would go halves.
Part of the fun is the knowledge that you and I could go halves on a cheap 2-year-old this summer and have a lottery player's chance of winning the Derby - if our little gelding gets good at the right time and the contenders run into the hind end of destiny.