go full circle

go full circle

To return to the original position, situation, or attitude where things began, especially after a long or circuitous series of changes. After dreaming of a career in politics as a young child, and then spending her college years as a staunch dissident of the government, Carrie has gone full circle and now serves as her state's representative in Congress. At the novel's end, the character's journey goes full circle to the childhood home where everything started to go wrong.
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full circle, come

Also, go full circle. Complete an entire cycle; return to the original position or condition. For example, After a whole year of debate we have come full circle on this issue. Shakespeare may have originated this expression in King Lear (5:3): "The wheel is come full circle." A 20th-century idiom with a similar meaning is what goes around comes around, as in I knew if I helped her now, she would help me later-what goes around comes around.
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come/go full ˈcircle

after a long period of changes, return to the position or situation in which something/you started: The wheel of fashion has come full circle. I was wearing shoes like that thirty years ago.
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full circle, come/go

The cycle is completed. This expression, probably originated by Shakespeare in King Lear (“The wheel is come full circle,” 5.3), has been used ever since to describe a situation in which events run their course and things end much as they began.
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Doing so would see him go full circle after starting his career as a player with an equaliser against the Bankies as Saints raced to the 1997 First Division title.
Addressing a press conference at Mansoora on Wednesday, he said that the nation wanted accountability to go full circle.
MEMBERS of boybands tend to go full circle - Robbie Williams is an example of that.
Work on the training ground was always tough though and during my career I saw pre-season tours go full circle to the way they were when I started.
Derek Walker, chief executive of Wales Co-operative Centre, said: "The aim of Go Full Circle is to promote the benefits of social enterprises in Wales.
This week the Wales Co-operative Centre launched a campaign called Go Full Circle to encourage people to support social enterprises.
Then the Government might be prompted to go full circle to ween us off Mother's Ruin and re-instate the Beer Act of 1830 that abolished all duty on beer and allowed any ratepayer to buy a licence for two guineas to sell beer or cider.
His career will go full circle on Saturday when he returns to face Rangers but admits he is surprised he is still with the Ayrshire outfit.
We'd like to go full circle and do an intervention - to clean up some of the problems in the mouth and then see if the inflammatory markers go down," he added.
She said: "I have seen teaching methods go full circle.
Having done several books that treat the pictures in a more precious way gave me the freedom to go full circle in the new book, to pursue a certain flow that's similar to that in the first one.
One day we may go full circle but until that day comes, I'm shutting myself away for the next six weeks.
THE wheel will go full circle for Connacht centre Dave McSharry this weekend when they travel to play Leinster at the RDS on Saturday.
Some 140 awards were presented at the Merrick Lodge Hotel and Chris Keates, the union's deputy general secretary, said: "Twenty five years is a long time in education and we have seen many changes and also seen many practices go full circle.
It's said that all fashions eventually go full circle and in this case it is certainly true.