go forward with

go forward with (something)

To continue or proceed, especially despite problems or challenges. Oh, we're going forward with our weekend plans—I refuse to let a little rain stop us!
See also: forward, go

go forward with something

Fig. to continue with something; to do something that is planned. We will go forward with our plans. Let's go forward with the plan.
See also: forward, go
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However, we have been able to raise the level of awareness and have a published document (Section 332, May 2005) for our members and leaders to reference as we go forward with our quest for a level playing field.
I would like to thank the many people that have put in countless hours of effort since 2002 and put us in a position where we can now go forward with facts and a program that can facilitate positive change.
If Beard-Williams does go forward with her case, it will be without her attorney, Renee Campbell.
Farkas said they will continue to go forward with a "highly simplified story that the market can understand," building up "platforms of opportunities," building dominate market positions, "consolidating and then maximizing asset value, creating above market returns.
Regardless of whether we go forward with Belmont, we owe this money.
Hayes also said she thought it was odd that only two of the commissioners who voted to go forward with Belmont, Reynoso and Janett Humphries, attended the board meeting Thursday.
Charles Calderon, D-Montebello, one of two co-chairmen of the conference committee, says it makes no sense to go forward with the CEA until tax-free approval is assured.