go forward with

go forward with (something)

To continue or proceed, especially despite problems or challenges. Oh, we're going forward with our weekend plans—I refuse to let a little rain stop us!
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go forward with something

Fig. to continue with something; to do something that is planned. We will go forward with our plans. Let's go forward with the plan.
See also: forward, go
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You have to assess which ones I feel I want to give the opportunity to go forward with and which ones not.
Chandrababu Naidu on Tuesday said that the all-party meeting was convened in order to take everyone's suggestion and decide how to go forward with the state's demand for 'Special Category Status' in the Parliament.
20 to go forward with a plan for Mid Valley Disposal to take over collections.
When we go forward with the ball fellas go forward with it, our forwards go forward with it.
"But we have a small group of people in our town who are very adamant that we not go forward with (that) project, and that is what this petition is about," she said.
"He's enjoying it because he knows he can go forward with no problem, as he has the two players behind him.
The disappointment however stems from the fact that pre-application visits were carried out with each client having a favourable response from the advisers on the ground to go forward with the HLS schemes.
However, we have been able to raise the level of awareness and have a published document (Section 332, May 2005) for our members and leaders to reference as we go forward with our quest for a level playing field.
Should he go forward with his predecessor's surprise decision, announced two weeks earlier, to adopt the U.S.
"In other words, what's the company going to look like as we go forward with this other company being absorbed by us?
"An argument can be made that a purchaser's attorney who permits the closing to go forward with a temporary certificate of occupancy has a continuing obligation to monitor the situation; advise the client that no final certificate of occupancy has been obtained; and that the client is not only subject to being evicted by the Buildings Department but also potentially to civil and criminal penalties.....
"I want to see the club go forward with a high-profile manager, coach and players and nothing would please me more then to see the club return to the Football League in the years to come.
MB: What I'm really finding great about Quantum's future is we're starting out with a great business to go forward with, very strong financially and an opportunity to grow in the new areas where networking is being applied to storage.
The Clinton Administration's efforts to go forward with missile defense are deeply destabilizing.
"Rhyl is now set to go forward with the plans that have been drawn up by the City Strategy Group, which aims to help an additional 1,600 people into work over the next 18 months, which would raise the employment rate of Rhyl from 67.8% to 73%.