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They go for the burn as I go for the sandwich and merrily cheer on the celebs intent on losing those excess pounds.
When using a laptop computer, don't go for the burn.
7 But if you'd rather go for the burn then this Seiko watch with its long face provides support for the sporty poser.
In a scene from just 30 years ago, siblings share a bedroom in Bradford; Kids smash up a car in a recently demolished Birmingham street in the 70s; A relaxing day out together at the seaside three decades ago; Ban the bomb protest, Aldermaston, 60s; It only takes one man to spoil the fun as the ladies go for the burn on the beach in 70s Southend; Teddy boys show off in Consett, Co Durham, 30 years ago; Punk girl in 70s London; Browsing at Paddy's Market in Liverpool in the 70s; Greasers outside a London amusement arcade in 1958
IF you are trying to become a daddy, don't go for the burn in the sun.
A design for those who go for the burn on a regular basis.