go easy on

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go easy on (someone or something)

1. To be lenient with someone, especially after they've done something that could justify a punishment or scolding. Go easy on your little brother, will you? He didn't mean to break the window. I only lost by six points, but I think he was going easy on me since he's so much better.
2. To use only a small amount of something. Hey, go easy on the ketchup—there's not much left.
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go easy on someone or something

to be gentle on someone or something; not to be too critical of someone or something; to take it easy on someone or something. (See also go easy on something.) Go easy on Sherri. She's my friend. Try to go easy on criticizing their report. They did the best they could in the time allotted.
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go easy on something

to use something sparingly. (See also take it easy on something; go easy on someone or something.) Go easy on the mustard. That's all there is. Please go easy on the onions. I don't like them very much.
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